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The Ball - “I have no problem with Ronaldo” (Manchester United)

The Ball – “I have no problem with Ronaldo” (Manchester United)

Bruno Fernandes has taken a stand, and in statements to sky sport, stressing that there is no “cold war” with Cristiano Ronaldo. The topic gained traction, especially after the viral video of the greeting between the two upon reaching the selection stage. In the interview, when asked by Piers Morgan about the players he likes in the team, Ronaldo only talks about Diogo Dalot, Lisandro Martinez and Casemiro, without mentioning the name of Bruno Fernandez.

′′ I haven’t read Ronaldo’s interview, I’m fine with that. Like I said, now only the specification matters, now it matters to “we” and it’s very clear here. What matters is “us” and we have to focus on the World Cup because you don’t have many opportunities to play in it in your career. Cristiano has done it five times and everyone is ready. the man. United will be my focus after December 18th. Problems with Ronaldo? I don’t have problems with anyone. The midfielder said, ‘I’m doing my job and that’s the only thing I can control.’ Red Devils.

“It’s not inevitable. You are.” [jornalistas] You can stop talking about it and try to support Portugal and our players and appreciate as much as possible what patriotism is and what we do well. And Cristiano adds a lot of quality. This is not the time to talk about that interview and the words he said about the club. We are at the service of the national team and we must do our work in serving the national team. And, as mentioned earlier, this is “we”, not “me”. Mr. Fernando Santos, in our meetings, makes a point of writing “we” often in very large letters. It is the longest word he ever writes. And everyone is focused on that, including Cristiano, ”added Bruno Fernandes.

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