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The Ball – “I know that in one day I will remember this moment” (Vitoria de Guimarães)

The Ball – “I know that in one day I will remember this moment” (Vitoria de Guimarães)

Officially signed as a reinforcement to Vitoria de Guimarães on Wednesday, midfielder Joao Mendes, 28, has already spoken to the media in Guimarães about his arrival at Castelo, happy with the step he has taken in his march towards a landmark moment in Portuguese football.

“I’ve known Vitória since I started playing football, it’s history in Portugal. Its greatness is visible to all and I am very happy to be here. I feel that everything happened at the right time and this is the right time to take this step, I feel ready. Everyone has their own journey and I am aware that this is the right stage », he said, eager to feel once again the enthusiastic atmosphere of D. Afonso Henriques:

“The atmosphere here is impressive. The fans are very supportive of the team. In the match with Chavez, in which I was in opposition, Vitória scored the goal in stoppage time and the stadium collapsed. I remember that match perfectly, the atmosphere was great. Games with Vittoria are the games that players want to play the most because the atmosphere is different, both at home and abroad. I’m very concerned because, in fact, what gamers want is to play in environments like this.”

Joao Mendes defined himself as a player this way: «I like to create dangerous plays, to be close to the goal. I get hot blooded when I’m in there but I guess that’s part of it too. I am an offensive player who loves to attack. I think the fact that I already know the Portuguese championship can be an added value and will help me integrate. I already know Jorge Fernandez, from the time we played together at Tondela, but I have a great knowledge of the whole team.”

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He is now looking forward to fulfilling his dream of making his UEFA competition debut.

I had never been through a phase like this before and I admit that was also another reason I came here. Competing in a European competition will mark my career and I know that one day I will remember this moment. I am very confident, ”he stressed.