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The ball - “If we don't do something, we will all die in 2024” (Real Madrid)

The ball – “If we don’t do something, we will all die in 2024” (Real Madrid)

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez continues to defend the European Premier League, a project that collapsed a few hours after the official announcement of the match that will bring together the 12 richest teams in European football.

“We are not against football, we want to save it. If we do nothing, by 2024 we will all be dead. “The equation today is reform or death, and the president of the European Union prefers to die,” he said in an interview with L’Equipe, before explaining how the Premier League is planning to help football.

“The epidemic is devastating clubs. With this proposal, the goal is to save football. Some say the rich want to get richer and make the poor poorer. But the opposite is true. By generating more revenue, we can be more supportive.”

UEFA is currently distributing 100 million euros through the Solidarity Mechanism. From the start we had more than 400 million. When there is more money, you can be more supportive, ”he explained, before returning to the organization that oversees European football:

“With the monopoly of UEFA, he does not want to change anything because he enjoys his privileges. Football is slowly dying. With us, smaller clubs will get more money,” he explained.

Regarding Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern, Florentino Perez considered that “because they are under tremendous pressure” they were excluded from the initial project, but they should be invited at the “right moment”. An example of the European Premier League is not, as they claim, a closed tournament.

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“This is a mistake. There are teams that will reach Superliga for sporting merit. They also said that the national leagues will disappear, and this is a mistake, indicating that the event is also not intended to replace the Champions League. How do you think we want to face the champions?” A historic responsibility: changing the football reality in time, which is slowly dying. “