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The Ball - "It's an important victory and we're in the fight" (Boavista)

The Ball – “It’s an important victory and we’re in the fight” (Boavista)

Pettitte analyzed Boavista’s 1-0 victory over Vilafranquense, considering the second round of Group F of the League Cup. Chess players add up to two wins in several games in competition.

It was a just victory for what we did. We could have scored more goals, it was a successful game. We got better after 30 minutes. In the second half we were much better, it’s totally ours. We could have scored another goal. It is an important victory and we are in the fight,” he began by saying Quick interview🇧🇷

The tiger achieved victory, but it did not get rid of the panic towards the end of the match, when Nene, from Vilafranquense, appeared in the area and almost headed the goal: «We know Nene very well, he is a player in the area. . We have some absences in defence, but we’ve worked on it. He won the ball, it happens, we can’t win all the balls. But the important thing is that we won a different competition and that encourages us.”

The coach talked about the losses he suffers in the team: “The absence of some is an opportunity for others. We have young players and youth who work with us and who already know what we want for the game.”

Boavista takes the field again on December 12, in the third round of the competition, against Vitória de Guimarães: «It’s fifteen days until the next match. It’s a very big break, but it’s good for the guys to have this competition.”