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The ball – Manchester United qualified for the quarter-finals (see goal) (Europa League).

Manchester United qualified for the quarter-finals of the European League, by defeating Betis, in Seville, 1-0, with a total score of 5-1, as a result of winning 4-1 in the first leg, at Old Trafford. A game without surprises.

Needing to score three goals, Betis even managed to create three good goal chances in the first half: one in which Juanmi isolated himself but shot wide (8), a shot at Joaquín’s goal outside the area (11) and another situation in which Juanmi isolated himself but allowed the goalkeeper The Red Devils goal was to mark the spot (32′).

The first half ended with a shot at the post by Pellestri, and Manchester United entered the second half with less space between the lines and ready to give a final push. After several threats, Rashford made it 1-0, with a right-footed shot just outside the area, with the ball always deflecting off Rui Silva, who stretched well, but nothing could get the ball into the bottom right corner.

Since then, the match has entered the phase of pure management by Ten Hag, including the disciplined management of Bruno Fernandes, who was in danger of missing the next game if he saw a yellow card. Without playing a great game, the Portuguese midfielder was once again important, however, at stages when United needed a breather. On the Betis side, Rui Silva avoided some opposition goals and William Carvalho added several glancing passes that deserved another result, although he was very passive in the Rashford goal, giving the striker plenty of space to shoot.

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Watch the goal: