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The ball - “Marcus Edwards fits in well with Sporting” (Sporting)

The ball – “Marcus Edwards fits in well with Sporting” (Sporting)

He did much of his training at Sporting, becoming a junior champion with Abel Ferreira, and his talent drove him to leave at a young age to Liverpool, who was still under 21. Joao Carlos Teixeira returned in 2016/2017 to FC Porto, and went to SC Braga, but in Guimarães he once again showed all his soccer skills and overtook the dressing room with Marcos Edwards, one of Sporting’s goals for 2021/2022. The Dutchman from Feyenoord says the England winger fits Sporting like a glove.

“As a player, everyone can see their potential. He is one of the most technically advanced players in the league, he is among the top five, he has a great margin to advance, and he comes from a good formation at Tottenham and has everything to succeed in football, ”says the midfielder, confirming that in the event of a transfer, Edwards can give Lyonen the quality: “It’s very easy to play against the line, also as a more traditional winger or even in. She also has a very good shot and I think it would fit in well with Sporting. He is a calm, reserved and very good person, and I think he will have no problem getting along with the spirit of teamwork that was evident in Sporting. ”

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