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The ball - Messi warns: "I want titles" (Barcelona)

The ball – Messi warns: “I want titles” (Barcelona)

On a pre-season break for the Copa America, Leo Messi will have to quickly determine his future, as he terminated his contract with Barcelona in June.

In an extended interview with Argentine Diario Oli, the player recalls the times he arrived in Barcelona and comments on the current situation, among other details of his personal life.

He also left a warning he intends to play for a competitive team: Barcelona has “only” won the cup, despite realizing it was a tough season:

“Whenever I play, I play to win and try to achieve all the goals. Get the addresses. The truth is that the last Spanish Cup was special for the moment we were also, the club came from a few years when things weren’t going very well in terms of results and titles. We have a very small spa, with lots of people, new people, and winning the Cup was a very important turning point. Besides, I personally love winning and getting trophies. The higher the better, he said.

Messi recalled the decision to go to Barcelona at a young age, leaving behind his hometown Rosario, and how much that cost him the more he had to return to Europe. “It was difficult to make that decision, but quick at the same time. I didn’t even hesitate, it was without thinking. It was tough because when I arrived I couldn’t play due to bureaucratic issues, then got injured and almost couldn’t compete for about a year. I trained, but it wasn’t the same. After that, everything was very fast. I cried whenever I had to return from Rosario. I wanted to come back to continue playing, but it was difficult for me to leave everything I had, I knew it would take at least six months to come back. I also lost a lot of friends, and communication was very difficult. Today, any child of 13 or 14 years old has a phone, and at that time they did not have a phone. I stopped talking to a lot of people because of the distance.

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