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The ball - “Not the time to play FC Porto” (Nacional)

The ball – “Not the time to play FC Porto” (Nacional)

Manuel Machado assumed that in the face of Nacional’s stage, last placed after eight consecutive defeats in the league, this is not the best moment to face FC Porto.

“Nacional is going through a very negative period, which is the most negative this season, so facing FC Porto at this time, like any competitor, is not a good time at all,” he said at the press conference before Sunday’s game (17.30). Hours) in Choupana, in reference to the 27th day.

But Manuel Machado pointed out that Nacional had already defeated the Dragons this season: “With the former technical team (led by Luis Freire), he was already able to make a good match against FC Porto, specifically in the Portuguese Cup here, where he arrived at the end of the ninety minutes with a score of 2 -2 and play with one player less in the final part of the match. With this catalyst, and not with a distant past, we work until the team believes they can play a game at this level of quality and with a consistent result. »

He stressed that “we realize that our position in the schedule is uncomfortable, and therefore, from a vital point of view, I have not contributed anything to improving this state of mind,” expressing his conviction that Nacional will achieve the maintenance of the goal:

“There are 24 points left to play and we are running behind them. The possibility of reversing this situation is on our horizon and with this motive we are working from a vital point of view.”

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