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The ball – Palmeiras draws, the administration is attacked and the headquarters is vandalized (Brazil)

The ball – Palmeiras draws, the administration is attacked and the headquarters is vandalized (Brazil)

Palmeiras, led by Abel Ferreira, added the second draw in three matches, and went no further than zero in receiving Sao Paulo, in Choque Re, as the city’s big derby is known.

In the end, the fans booed the result, the refereeing and the management of Leila Pereira, who continues without providing the required reinforcements to the Portuguese coach, after the departure of Danilo and Gustavo Scarpa, although Abel Ferreira says that this is not the case at the moment. it is necessary. “Remain calm and peaceful. We need to be careful, ”Abel asked the crowd, but with a message to the board:“ I want ready players, if we want to bring them with potential, let’s give the squad a chance.

I can not understand this concern. Look at clubs like Liverpool. He didn’t win anything last year with the same players and coaches. We won’t always win. We love filet mignon [corte mais macio de carne]But we also have to eat chicken thighs. We have to take a good path so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Nobody needs to enter, just leave. One or two players, no more than that. It can’t be Plan C. Plan C requires time that soccer doesn’t have. soccer result. Then we have to train and benefit from training. Here is surrender, ”said the Portuguese.

Despite the Portuguese coach’s appeal for calm, the walls of the Palmeiras headquarters were vandalized Sunday night with demands that fans had already voted in the stadium: player recruitment requests directed against president Leila Pereira and the club’s board of directors.

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In three matches already played in the championship of São Paulo, Palmeiras got five points with a win and two draws.