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The Ball - Paulo Bento and the match against Brazil: “It's inhuman” (South Korea)

The Ball – Paulo Bento and the match against Brazil: “It’s inhuman” (South Korea)

Today, Sunday, the Portuguese coach of South Korea, Paulo Bento, expects tomorrow’s match with Brazil, for the round of 16 of the World Cup, as being very decisive with the short period of time regarding the meeting that the team played. Portugal, Friday.

“I don’t remember anything like that. I was watching what happened in 2018 and I don’t remember matches being 72 hours apart. There were four or five days, but not 72 hours. It’s inhuman, it’s not fair. We have to get along.” With this reality that FIFA wants, which is to create less conditions for those who already have less, and more conditions for those who already have more.It is already difficult to compete against a great team like Brazil, for me the strongest favorite for the World Championship, but with these limitations it will be our task More difficult. However, we will try and we will not give up,” he said at a press conference.

Paulo Bento explained that the preparation was limited to “video clips”. ′′ It is impossible to prepare a game like this on the field, and play after 72 hours. Nobody can do that, after the physical and emotional wear and tear we suffered in the previous game. It creates great embarrassment for the teams, and for us more than Brazil, because of the way the Brazilian national team moved the team in the last match, ”he said, remembering that the opponent was already qualified and could rotate the team.

Regarding the game itself, he emphasized that South Korea will do everything possible to counter Canarinha’s favoritism: “If we are going to play a tournament with many rounds with Brazil, they will always be ahead of us. In one match, Brazil still has many possibilities, but we also have more.” Of possibilities. We have nothing to lose. The goal is difficult, but attractive and we will have to try. In many moments we will play close to our own area and we will have to accept it naturally, because the opponent will force us to do so. However, we will fight to the limit of our strength, as we did Until now, we love to compete and never give up, as we have already proven, ”he said.

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There will already be Neymar in the Brazil team: “We would be hypocritical if we said that it is better for Neymar to play, but to be fair and true I always prefer the best players to be present in matches. It is up to us to play the best possible game, competing against A great team, full of talent and who now add organization and strength to their individual quality.”

Regarding the match against Portugal (he was suspended and had to watch from the bench, unable to speak at the end), Paulo Bento admitted that he had an “emotional high charge”, given South Korea’s sporting goals and the fact that he was facing his country.