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The ball – Porto defeats Falongo and becomes European champion!  (roller hockey)

The ball – Porto defeats Falongo and becomes European champion! (roller hockey)

The Porto club defeated Falongo 5-1, and won the Roller Hockey Champions League for the third time, after 33 years. With President Bento da Costa on the stands in the Jose Natario Pavilion, in Viana do Castelo, the Dragons won with goals from Rafa Costa, Di Benedetto (2), Gonzalo Alves and Xavi Barroso. Miguel Mora scored the only goal for Valongo, who lost in the final for the second year in a row.

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Remember here the main points of the meeting.

end of the match. Porto is crowned European champion for the third time.

48 minutes: a goal from Porto (5-1). Xavi Barroso gives the last “axe” to Valongo’s hopes.

45 minutes: Valongo’s tenth foul, a direct free kick for Porto. Gonçalo Alves gets ahead but hits the woodwork and, upon reloading, saves Xano Edo.

43 min: Xavi Mailán, FC Porto goalkeeper, saves Facundo Bridge with the penalty kick and rebound

43 minutes: Penalty kick for Valongo

42 min: Valongo requests a technical break.

37 minutes: Technical break for the FC Porto match.

37 min: Great save by Xano Edo (Valongo) from a shot by Gonçalo Alves.

36 minutes: Fouls – 6 for Porto, 8 for Valongo.

35 min: Technical break for Valongo.

32 minutes: Goncalo Alves (FC Porto) is injured with complaints in his left hand.

30 min.: A goal from Porto (4-1). Carlo Di Benedetto doubles after the single.

Restart the match: He goes out to play for FC Porto.


22 min: Technical break at Valongo’s request.

21 minutes: a goal from Porto (3-1). Goncalo Alves converts a direct free kick and the Dragons extend the score.

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21 minutes: Facundo Navarro gets a blue card due to a foul on Reynaldo Garcia. Direct free kick for Porto.

18 minutes: a goal from Porto (2-1). Carlo Di Benedetto completed a new transition move and put the blue and white team back at the front of the scoreboard.

15 minutes: Technical break requested by the Dragons.

15 minutes: A disallowed goal against FC Porto. Xavi Barroso played the ball with a sled.

13 minutes: GOAL DO VALONGO (1-1): Great goal by Miguel Moura, restore equality.

12 min: Xano Edo’s mask blocks Reinaldo García FC Porto’s second goal.

12 minutes: The ball enters Porto’s goal with a shot by Miguel Moura, but the goal is not counted. The referee had already indicated a foul.

8 minutes: Nuno Santos (Valongo) almost equalized, but Xavi Malin returned to score in the goal for FC Porto.

8 minutes: FC PORTO GOAL (1-0): Against the run of play, the Dragons scored a goal through Rafa Costa who beat Zano Edo with a “Picadena”.

Valongo is the strongest at the start of the match, as Xavi Malian, the goalkeeper of FC Porto, takes the lead.

2 minutes: first sign of danger by Falongo. Facundo Bridge forces the goalkeeper to make a great save, and fortunately, the ball does not enter the goal on the rebound.

Start of the match: He goes out to play Valongo.

These are the top five:

Porto Club: Xavi Malián, Telmo Pinto, Rafa Costa, Carlo di Benedetto and Gonçalo Alves.

Bench: Thiago Rodriguez, Ezequiel Mina, Xavi Barroso, Reynaldo Garcia and Diogo Barata.

Coach: Ricardo Alves.

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Valongo: Xano Edo, Rafael Bessa, Nuno Santos, Facundo Navarro, and Facundo Bridge.

Seat: Gonzalo Pinto, Miguel Mora, Francisco Silva, Diogo Abreu.

Coach: Edu Bosch.

the reviewer: Miguel Diaz and Ruben Fernandez.

On the way to this final, FC Porto, which finished the group stage with second place in Group B, left Benfica (quarter-finals) and Barcelona (semi-finals) on its way. Valongo, who finished second in Group C, were eliminated by Sporting and Oliverense.

For Porto, this is the 16th appearance in a Champions League final, having won the title in 1986 and 1990. Valongo will play in their second successive final after being defeated last year by Triseno.