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The ball - “Portugal is one of the main favorites to win the title” (World Cup 2022)

The ball – “Portugal is one of the main favorites to win the title” (World Cup 2022)

Ricardo Chew, coach of the Cypriot Doxa team, elects Ronaldo, Rubén Dias, Bernardo Silva and Bruno Fernandes as the most important figures in the national team. He considers Portugal to be one of the choices with more and better options.

– How are things going in Portugal?

– Portugal is not surprising, it just assumes its position as a contender for the title, because it collects not only a very strong 11, but also the luxurious alternatives to a competition that would have been expected to be of a high level by our choice. We are probably the team with the most options and the highest quality in the World Cup.

– What value do you give to the Portuguese national team? Between 0 and 20…

– I’m giving 15. Value given according to exhibitions…but if it’s in terms of quality, I’d definitely give it… 18.

– The main figures or main figures in Portugal?

– I choose four! Ronaldo, not because he needs presentations or more challenges/motivators in his career, but because of the way he is committed to helping the national team reach its goal. The situation he presents brings responsibility and he is willing to take charge and lead our choices. Responsibility does not put a weight on his back, only the drive to prove once again that he is the best of all. Ruben Dias, the chief of defence, plays simple, clean and practical. He’s a young centre-back, but a giant at the top of our defence. Bernardo Silva, the tiny little player, the dribbler, always with his head held high and ready to take the ball with or without pressure. Finally… Bruno Fernandes, tactical intelligence in occupying space and deft movements.

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– Who are the main contenders for the title?

– Portugal is undoubtedly one of the main favourites. another filter? Spain… a capable team thanks to their style of play, strong collective, patient and individual quality to unlock opposing teams.

How do you see the challenge with South Korea?

– A game of opportunity to give minutes to other players, focusing on winning and sealing first place, regardless of which players can play We have a capable team, with alternative calls to be clearly superior.

– Which eleven will you start in the match against South Korea?

– Diogo Costa, Dalot, Antonio Silva, Pepe, Rafael Guerrero, Balinha, Vitinha, Bruno Fernandez, Bernardo Silva, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gonzalo Ramos.