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The ball – ‘sensitivity’ to the goal: How many shots in two matches did Sporting need to score?  (Sporting)

The ball – ‘sensitivity’ to the goal: How many shots in two matches did Sporting need to score? (Sporting)

Target crunch. Ally with (another) one of the negative cycles of Leo this season. And if all times are bad, this sensitivity takes on features of greater importance when we are in the period of making decisions. And many of them were goals that Sporting had already left behind. A large part of it, as Reuben Amorim admitted, was due to a “finishing” issue. The numbers, these, underscore the lack of inspiration. Just take a closer look at the games the Lions have already played this month, some of which are crucial to keeping the remaining goals from a season of some heights and many…

You don’t have to go back far. The numbers for the last two matches – Juventus in Turin and Arauca in Alvalade – are impressive and clearly reflect our (weak) attacking moment. In those two games alone, the athletes had putouts on 41 occasions.

Emoji number resulted in only one goal! The big penalty kick taken by Pedro Gonçalves deservedly equalized for Arroquenses. On the second attempt, as you remember, the attacker missed another maximum penalty in the same match. An identical scenario in Turin, where the Lions, despite a very positive display, had a formidable personality, which was marked by a lack of effectiveness. They shot a lot more than the Italians (15 against 9) but, after all, whoever scored and took a step forward in the equalizer would end up going to the Transalpine side with a goal by Gatti.

A story that has been repeated throughout the season, with many missteps, but that had negative consequences this month. Especially because, in the last draw with Arouca, we will have to add a draw to zero with Gil Vicente, which has removed (more) Sporting from fighting for one of the places to reach the Champions League. This month’s numbers? In the last five matches, it took 88 shots (!) To score 7 goals, and this happened in two matches: in the victory over the red-light Santa Clara (3-0) and in the sensational victory over Casa Pia (4). 3).

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There is no margin of error
The problem has been identified but the command is the answer. Immediately. This Thursday there will be a new fire test against Juventus, and the margin of error is zero. To reverse the Torino game 1-0, it is necessary to score. And do not suffer … Moreover, Ruben Amorim, throughout the entire season who had previously been called by himself with some occasional polarity, admitted the problem several times: Sporting scored few results for his offensive career.