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THE BALL - SKATE HOCKEY: FC Porto-Sporting Direct, 15:00 (A BOLA TV)

THE BALL – SKATE HOCKEY: FC Porto-Sporting Direct, 15:00 (A BOLA TV)

This Sunday, June 13, you can watch on A BOLA TV (Channel 13 on Meo, 31 on Vodafone, 64 on NOWO)…

great emotions skate hockey back to tv ball Sunday afternoon (3:00 pm) with the FC Porto-Sporting hot match, the third game of the National Champion’s ‘Qualifiers’. At this point there is a victory for each team in a stage decided in the best five matches. In the first match, Porto won 3-1, but in the next match the Lions won at Alvalade 6-3.

Match 3 is scheduled for Sunday (3:00 p.m.) in Dragão Caixa, with Game 4 taking place at João Rocha Pavilion, June 20. If necessary, the fifth match will be held on Sunday, 27, at 15:00, in Al-Faladi.

FC Porto and Benfica are the two clubs with the most 23 titles each. Sporting and Pacos de Arcos each follow, eight each. Hóquei de Sintra has won the tournament four times, once more than Óquei de Barcelos, GD Lourenço Marques and Futebol Benfica. Campo de Urec, JF Lourenço Marquez, CUF and Valongo have won the championship once.

Fernando Guerra and Giulio Antonio at A BOLA DE SUNDAY (22:00)

The third day of Euro 2020, Nino’s funeral in Guimarães and its impact on Portugal and all the events taking place in Sporting, Porto and Benfica are strong topics forSunday ball, a program presented by journalist Pedro Marquez Maya, with the participation of commentators tv ballFernando Guerra and Julio Antonio.

Jorge Castillo and Jose Caetano at A BOLA DAS 7 (6:30 p.m.)

Final farewell to former goalkeeper Nino, third day of Euro 2020 and all current national and international football are topics that will be on the tableSeventh ball, in the presence of A BOLA TV commentator, Jorge Castillo, who does not hurt to remember, the first coach in our country to receive a doctorate in football and A BOLA TV commentator, José Caetano, who will also carry out the analysis in the Portimao 8 Hours of the World Endurance Championship.

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Augusto Inácio in an exclusive interview (5:50 p.m.)

21 years ago, Sporting broke its 18-year fast without being a champion. Augusto Inacio was the coach who led the Lions to glory at the end of the 1999/2000 season. in the interview exclusive to me tv ball The coach recalls the historic moment and compares it to the 19-year fast, now broken by Robin Amorim. Augusto Inácio talks about the key players in the victory, as well as the need for unity at the club and the prospects for next season. All to see at 5:50 p.m. this Sunday in your home tv ball In an interview with journalist Irene Palma.

MAGAZINE TT (10h25) debuted in Loulé, Greece, Hard Enduro and Beira Interior

In this edition of MAGAZINE TT, we return to Loulé for an overview of the best photos of our CNTT Road to Dakar trip. Then we go to Greece, which hosted the second stage of the European FIM TT and back to Portugal for the Extreme XL Lagares that kicked off the new World Hard-Enduro Championship. We finished the program with 4th Raid TT Vinhos Beira Interior organized by Clube Escape Livre.

Spotlight on Germany and the East at DREAM TEAMS (11:25 a.m.)

In this episode, some of the best soccer players have ever played in the Bundesliga, but which ones will have a place in the Bundesliga’s dream team? And the stars of the former Yugoslav republics make up the dream team…we can only imagine it. This program is a journey into some of the best teams in the world of football and their champions. A fascinating journey through what some of the best eleven ever did, led by some of the greatest talents in history.

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Ocon, Vettel, Holland and Baku in F1 BACKSTAGE (12:25pm)

In this week’s episode we take a look at Esteban Ocon’s rise to the Alpine team and Sebastian Vettel’s recent appearance at Aston Martin; We check plans for the Dutch Grand Prix, and analyze all the chaotic events of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku. Plus the latest news from the sport.

Jarama and Presloss to see in the engines (13:25)

The first episode of Engines. This week highlights the Super Seven of Toyo Tires at the legendary Jarama Racecourse, the second round of the Individual Brand Cup, and the Spirit Rally competition held in Barcelos.

Fernando Alvim at LET’S GO (14:00)

In this episode of Let’s Roll The participation of comedian, radio presenter and TV presenter Fernando Alvim.

Let’s Roll It is a talk/interview program with familiar faces on TV. The theme revolves around the guests’ experience on motorbikes.

Featured Cities in Discounts (20:30)

In this episode of Discounts We celebrate the big city rivalries in this episode. Starting with the vibrant Borussia Dortmund match against Bayern Munich, Germany, moving to northern Italy and the epic rivalry between Juventus and Inter Milan and then on to France, we witness the battles of Marseille’s working class with the wealthy from Paris Saint-Germain. Finally, in the Netherlands, we focused on Ajax against Feyenoord. This series reflects the generations of rivalries that have characterized the world of sports in general, both on and off the field.