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The ball – “They might not have believed that a Portuguese team would go far in Europe” (FC Porto)

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In a preview of the match with Tondela, from round 26 of the league, Sérgio Conceição showed once again that he criticized FC Porto’s schedule, the only Portuguese team still participating in European competitions.

“We expect a difficult match, against a well-directed team, with an individual quality squad. At home, Tondela starred above average. He conceded few goals, which showed consistency and strength in his court. I am not fond of statistics but I have to look at it. Tundela is stronger at home, ”he began by pointing at a news conference.

“Match stories have been written by the three teams, but we will give a good answer in a difficult scenario, not only by Tondela, but also for 63 hours … [após jogo com o Chelsea, em Sevilha]. We arrived at 3:30 AM, some guys got home at 4:00 AM, others slept at 5:00 AM and now we have a flight to Tondela, ”says Sergio Conceicao.

“We already learned about this difficulty, which is incomprehensible to me. If the tournament ends on May 19, why not end three or four days later and extend a journey to defend the teams in Europe? », The coach asked the Blues and Whites.

“I think a lot of people did not believe in an advanced stage for a Portuguese team in European competitions, but even in the European League, if any of the teams advanced, it would be worse because they played on Thursday. It is a scenario of difficulties, but we must have solutions to them,” he stressed .

“It’s a very important game for us. All games are staple from the start, but gain weight as the end approaches. There is less time to recover, we have eight unfavorable points for the captain and we also have to look at teams who are late and very close to us. “This match is the final for us,” Conceicao said.

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