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The ball – this is how the national champions were received in the Lisbon room (Benfica)

The ball – this is how the national champions were received in the Lisbon room (Benfica)

Good evening, Mayor Carlos Moedas will welcome the new national champions this afternoon at the Lisbon City Hall. BOLA ONLINE WILL SAVE YOU ALL THE MOMENTS OF THE PARTY.

16.38: The Benfica bus has already left Luz towards Praça do Município. It has already been updated with the recent achievement of ’38’.

16.41: Hundreds of Benfica supporters are already painting the Praça do Município red and white.

16.42: Simao Sabrosa is already inside the City Council, the President of the General Assembly, Fernando Ceara, as well as Domingos Soares de Oliveira.

16.46: The Eagle of Vitoria also arrived and was the target of a huge welcome, evoking the enthusiasm of the fans present who sang “I love Benfica”.

16.49: Singer Marisa Lees is one of the faces that will brighten up the reception of the national champions, and she will initially sing two songs, one of which will be the Benfica anthem.

16.51: Much of Benfica’s administration is already in the main town hall, from Sílvio Cervan to Domingos Almeida Lima.

16.55: The phrase “Champions, champions, we are champions” can be heard at Praça do Município. Throat warmers when the entourage arrives with the coaching staff, players, and Work crew of the national heroes.

17.00: Benfica’s entourage, with a police escort, is already passing through Avenida 24 de Julho.

17.04: There the national heroes arrive at Praça do Município! “Benfica is a champion, Benfica is a champion,” the fans chanted.

17.05: President Rui Costa is about to get off the bus. “The hero is back, the hero is back,” he heard.

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17.06: Captains Otamendi and Joao Mario leave behind Rui Costa with the National Champions Trophy.

17.07: Edel Carlos Moedas salutes Rui Costa and the national heroes at the entrance to the Lisbon City Hall.

17.08: Flags and scarves in the air singing “Benfica is the champion, Benfica is the champion”. Players think of the cheering crowd and now start entering the Lisbon Municipality.

10.17: The entire entourage takes the traditional photo on the steps of the municipality’s stairs.

12.17: Now head to the main hall, where there are already quite a few people. The players clap as they climb the stairs.

17.14: Marissa Lees starts singing in the main hall, too young for many people who want to be close to the heroes.

17.17: Marissa Lees ends the performance with “Long live Benfica!” He will still explain another topic later.

17.18: Edil Carlos Coins begins to speak. “Today is a day of glory, a day to celebrate, not to talk. I will try to do 15 minutes for Benfica … »

17.20: Rui Costa has been praised a lot. “Lisbon and Benfica owe you a lot, thank you, Roy!” He is now speaking in English to Roger Schmidt.

17.22: Moedas talks about Manuel Goulart and says to Roger Schmidt: “You gave everything, thank you!”

17.23: Carlos Moedas says to the players: “You gave everything, your life, your youth, family moments, sacrifices for the sport, the little ones look and don’t know the sacrifice, which is every day to give everything in life”.

17.25: Moedas quotes all the players one by one and stirs the audience with the emotion of the speech and the words of the moment.

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17.26: The speech is heard abroad and there are supporters everywhere …

17.28: It’s Rui Costa’s turn. “We are back. With pride, ”says the red-faced president. See here the main ideas of the speech.

17.29: Reminiscent of the Lisbon roots of Clube da Luz. “We are closely linked to Lisbon. But we are also from the world », Finca.

17.30: Roger Schmitt applauded and was interrupted by the crowd, who chanted “Roger, Roger, Roger, Roger”.

17.31: And remember «the historical phrase, football fans love Benfica». More crowd applause.

17.32: Thank the players and Work crew. Thank you for your dedication and support to the team. Final words to the fans: “The great spirit of this club, which we love so much. This title belongs to us, to all Benfica fans.”

17.33: Supporters “unparalleled in number and dedication, tireless from beginning to end”.

17.34: Remember Shallana and get sentimental: “This address is for you, too!”

17.36: He exchanges hugs with Carlos Moedas, who is now going to transfer a statuette of Santo Antonio, the patron saint of Lisbon, to Rui Costa and Schmidt.

17.38: Otamendi also receives Saint Anthony. Coins receive a silver eagle from the hands of Rui Costa.

17.40: Captain Red presents the Mayor of Lisbon with a shirt signed by the national heroes.

17.41: Marisa Lis sings Benfica’s anthem on the balcony of the Salão Nobre, and the whole crowd follows her in chorus…

17.42: Players display the Champions Trophy on the balcony and the Queen’s “We are the Champions” can be heard.

17.45: “And jump, Roy, and jump, Roy, Ollie,” the supporters asked, and Roy Costa obliged. “Everything jumps, everything jumps, everything jumps, Slb, Slb, Slb,” the crowd sings.

17.45: “Nerys, nerys, nerys, nerys, nerys,” exclaims, is heard.

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17.47: Now everyone sings in unison “I love Benfica, no, no, no, no, no, I love Benfica, no, no, no, no, no, no”. Then they shout for Rafa… “And jump, Grimaldo, and jump Grimaldo,” they ask later. They applaud the Spaniard who is leaving Luz.

17.49: And now, to Chiquinho: “And who is Enzo, je ne sais pas, and who is Enzo, je ne sais pas … CHIQUINHO!”

17.52: Crowd tells Otamendi to stay: “Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay, stay.”

17.55: «Roger, Roger, Roger” and “Roger jumps, Roger jumps, oleh, oleh”, throws the audience, which puts the German coach jumping on the balcony.

17.56: Benfica’s anthem is sung at this time.

18.00: “Long live the glorious, long live the champion, long live Sport Lisbon and Benfica!” , shoots at LoudspeakerLike the end of the party. The players are still taking pictures on the balcony of the Great Hall and the fans are chanting the names of some of the national heroes. Some have already started leaving the town hall.

18.01: “Supporters are part of our success,” says Goncalo Ramos. Read more here.

18.03: Gonzalo Guedes is missing a reception in Lisbon and will already undergo surgery to overcome the knee injury that prevented him from being an option in the final stretch of the season.

18.05: Players collect the bus practically without talking to reporters. Rui Costa has already left and is going to get on the bus. Remember, there’s dinner tonight at Convento do Piato.

18.08: “It’s a party for Benfica. To live as a president means to live as a Benfica fan, Benfica won, and that’s what worries me, it’s not the presidency, ”shot Rui Costa.

18.11: The Benfica bus has already left Praça do Município.