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The ball - VAR for Chelsea - Tottenham admits: "I was wrong" (video) (England)

The ball – VAR for Chelsea – Tottenham admits: “I was wrong” (video) (England)

The draw between Chelsea and Tottenham (2-2) had all the joy of the derby: great goals, tension between the coaches and hotly contested refereeing decisions. The latter has led to an unusual reversal these days.

In a column written for daily MailMike Dean, who retired from the field to devote himself exclusively to the VAR job, admitted he made a mistake in one of the ligaments that caused much criticism from Thomas Tuchel: before the corner that gave Spurs the equalizer, Christian Romero pulled Mark. Cucurella’s hair outwardly.

“As for Harry Kane’s goal, I asked Anthony Taylor [árbitro da partida] To wait while I was watching the accident in the Chelsea area. While VAR couldn’t indicate the free kick, he could recommend Taylor go to the screen and see if he considers it red. However, in those seconds I had to parse, I didn’t think it was aggressive. Since then I have checked the photos again, talked to other judges, and after much thought, I realized that I was wrong and should have told the referee to go and see, because he has the last word. It shows that experience doesn’t matter, I have over two decades of refereeing in the Premier League, and we’re always learning.

Watch the bid video:

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