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The ball - Varzim eliminates Sporting from the cup (it was not Esgayo's fault) (Portugal Cup)

The ball – Varzim eliminates Sporting from the cup (it was not Esgayo’s fault) (Portugal Cup)

Surprise in Barcelona! Playing at home on loan, but with the strong support of his fans in the stands, Varzim achieved the most scandalous result in this third round of the Portuguese Cup by beating Sporting 1-0, thus eliminating the soon-to-be-Queen Lions of Portuguese football. The first engagement.

After the defeat at Alvalade with Marseille, Ruben Amorim made four changes to Leonen’s eleven. He launched Marca, Boro, Sotires and Paulinho in order to leave Côtes (the wounded), Esgayo, Ugarte and Pedro Gonçalves. Contrary to what he suggested in the preview, he didn’t even call up Ricardo Esgaio, who had burns after his Champions League defeat.

Varzim made a low kick and hired part of the midfield to Lions, who quickly dominated the match, but found it difficult to create clear scoring opportunities against Varzim, who made the defense his strength and which ended up being the same. In yesterday’s match.

The first half had few chances, but in practice it was none other than Sporting, and Ruben Amorim, who faced stubborn 0-0 in the first half, dispensed with Sotires and fired Pedro Gonçalves in the second half, as Sporting maintained their dominance, but more. Regional level, as well as a very high percentage of ball possession.

The Lions ended up betraying a free kick, an indirect free kick from the right of Povero’s attack to the first post, with Leonin striker Paulinho turning his head and back to the second, where Joao Faria appeared. The only goal in the game.

The lions were still doing damage, but they hit Varzim’s defensive solidity and didn’t show the art or creativity to get to the goal despite the many attacks and over 20 corners they had.

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