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The ball – “We don’t feel satisfied when we allow the goals to be scored in this way” (Morens)

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Moreirense coach Vasco Sebra analyzed defeat (0-2) in a duel with Vitoria de Guimarães.

“In the first 20 minutes, there was a lack of aggressiveness and intensity moving forward. In spite of everything, Vitoria’s goals come from consensual moves. We are dissatisfied when we approve of it in this way. The opponent’s merit in what he is doing is one thing, and agreeing to the goals another. After that, our team fought and tried to go ahead to win, “he began by saying.

“Even in the first half, we had two cases to score,” he added. In the second, even though Vitoria fell to the ground, we showed we could have scored. If we do, we will enter the game again and it will be difficult for Vitoria. We managed to compete to the end. Four games to go. We are not satisfied with the start of the match, but we have to praise the effectiveness, because Vitoria, in three chances, scored two goals, and we did not score anything in two or three chances.

“We pledge to fight for every match with a desire to win. We were in seventh place for the merit and commitment of the players. This tournament is very difficult. We don’t know how many points will be needed for maintenance. We have to be combatants and improve this record. If possible, we want to finish the four games with four wins. This is the goal ».

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