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The ball - winning the European League "is still not enough" (Manchester United)

The ball – winning the European League “is still not enough” (Manchester United)

Bruno Fernandez says winning the European League would be an improvement over last season, but “it would not be enough” for a club like Manchester United.

The Portuguese player Bruno Fernandes presented before the second leg of the Europa League semi-final against Roma, where the British scored the advantage 6-2.

United won the European League title in 2017 and will have a chance to do so again, as they are very close to the final, which will be held in Gdansk, Poland, on 26 May.

“For us, it would be a sign of improvement if we won the European League, because we won nothing last season. So if we win the title this season it is an improvement – but it is still not enough for us.” But it is something that grows within the club. On the part of the players, It is a sign that we are a little better, but we still have a lot to improve as I said before, and we will get better, ”he emphasized.

Bruno Fernandez, on the other hand, believes that the moment United are going through will reflect on the final of the season they want to win. “For my part, the game against Roma was good, but it was not my best with United, although people, by numbers, say yes. I scored two goals and assists and I didn’t do that for this club. But I always want to improve, maybe three assists. And two goals or two goals and three goals … », he said, moving away from the idea of ​​fatigue:« I hope to play more than 50 games next season, in a club like this, you have to aspire forward.

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