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The Benoit pair lost in the first round despite popular support

The Benoit pair lost in the first round despite popular support

Before entering the competition he announced it on his social networks: “I promise you the most beautiful tennis match of your life, but let’s set fire to this stadium and enjoy it !!!”. Benoit pair The match against Belarus’ Ilya Ivashka, ranked 50th in the ATP rankings on Tuesday, May 24, could not change the match, even though Avinonis was able to convince the audience that he had won for his cause. He lost 2h36 (6-3, 7-5, 1-6, 7-5).

After losing the first set (6-3, 1-2) on Monday, on the Simone-Matthew court, Benoit continued to run the name score. The 78th player in the world, broke, returned 5-5 before making four double mistakes in the second set, giving the Belarusians a two-set lead. We thought the competition, which had been in trouble since the start of the season, was buried for the French players. His victory over Emil Russoorie in Geneva on May 16 put an end to eleven consecutive defeats. What Roland-Garros approaches with a lack of self-confidence but a desire to engage in war.

Under public outcry from Ilya Ivashka on Monday, Benoit’s name finally awoke and re-signed, raising the bar for Simon-Matthew. Determined to raise their heads above the water, Hobbs captured the third set 6-1 with power.

Benoit, who beat the Belarusians 4-1 from the start of the fourth set, was awarded three sets of 5-4. Double mistakes in his service (24 in total! Falling back into his failures and frowning at every point, the ignoramuses bit Kavit dust. When given the opportunity to turn the match in his favor, grief is enough to feed.

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