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The best transfers of the current Premier League season ... right now

The best transfers of the current Premier League season … right now

We picked up transfers yesterday where something clearly went wrong. However, the holiday should end in a somewhat pleasant way. The 253 players inspired by Premier League clubs cannot be underestimated. There are transactions that steal the show.

Due to the fact that there is no problem in throwing luck in general in the English Top League, we especially appreciate those transfers that were made wisely. While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Breaking Bad impresses with its straightforward tough-guy style Reasonably priced car.

10. Mark Cucurella – Getafe -> Brighton

Brighton’s summer acquisition fits this description exactly. Mark Guerrero went to The Amex for 18 million euros, which the Seagulls needed. The 23-year-old did not revolutionize the game of left pendulum, but he is better in all respects than other Graham Potter puzzles.

Also, it is a puzzle whether the Spaniard is the most suitable. Brighton’s play is largely based on side attacks. Cucurrella works well in this role. He may not be directly involved in goals, but he constantly tears up secondary assists, key passes and his opponent’s rankings. And one more important thing – it’s very good.

9. Demaroy Gray – Bayer 04 Leverkusen -> Everton

It should be a sign of the Everton sleeping transfer window, and it has become one of the highlights of Rafa Benitez’s squad. This may not be the best for the other group The Tophis, But there is no reason to be particularly paradoxical. The Englishman defends himself through the game, defending himself by the numbers.

The seven-goal contribution from the winger’s position was a very good result. Two assists and five wins against Arsenal, who have three points, one absolutely fantastic. Everton are not impressive this season, they are hard to see, but Gray constantly appears somewhere at the end of the subway, winking at supporters and giving them hope.

The 25-year-old had a terrible adventure in Germany, but he came back and was one of the best players in the entire Premier League. Definitely one of the best transfers of the summer window, because only two million euros have been transferred to the Bayer account. For Everton – despite their problems – it’s ridiculous money.

8. Valentino Livermento – Chelsea -> Southampton

Many in the UK know that Livermento is one of Chelsea’s best academics. However, some believed it was already at such a level. The young Englishman not only won a place on the Premier League club’s base team, but also had moments when he could be the best player in his position.

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The ability to play forward is most evident in the attitude of the 19-year-old. Sure, goals and assists may not prove it, but let’s face it – Livermento plays for Southampton, where big numbers are hard to dial. So let’s start a match occasionally Saints Not for John Bednarek’s assessment, but for a closer look at a particular right-back’s game. Soon it will cost more than the $ 6 million in the account The Blues Administrators of St. Mary’s Stadium gathered.

7. Maxwell Garnett – Olympic Lyon -> Burnley

Probably one of the most bizarre of Burnley transfers, and one of the best. Just as Alan Saint-Maximin is for United in Newcastle, so is Maxwell Garnett for Sean Diesch’s. The difference, however, is representative Clarets Gives more details in less time.

This season, despite playing only nine times, he has entered the list of five-time sniper players. What’s more, Burnley have not lost anything in these matches, a treasure for a team struggling to maintain such an end. In fact, Garnett, who only costs 15 15 million, could have been higher on the list if he had not been dropped from the squad due to injuries. Being healthy and healthy for a few more weeks will be of great value to Burnley.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo – Juventus -> Manchester United

The biggest controversy in this ranking? Well, rather yes. Finally we talk about a guy who needs to change his whole mind about Manchester United. Cristiano Ronaldo was brought in to determine the image of the fight for the Premier League Championship. In the end nothing like that happened.

Cristiano Ronaldo has played disappointing games this season. At the same time, he played some of the best because seven goals and two assists were not an accidental reversal effect. In fact, the Portuguese’s main flaw is that he did not live up to his expectations and he did not become one of the best players in the English Premier League. We are talking about a guy who saved Manchester United on several occasions, he only played on average until the goal / assists.

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5. Tagro Tomias – Bologna-> Arsenal

When Arsenal transferred almost 19 million euros to the Bologna team’s account, the eyes of many were troubled. The Japanese were a well-known figure in Serie A, but by no means a Titan in the right-back. A good defender from a regular Italian middle class. His relocation to the UK was seen as a general employee reinforcement. However, it was soon revealed that Tomias was something more for Arsenal.

With Reese James and Trent Alexander-Arnold on the same level, he is not the best right-back this season. The Japanese are doing everything they can to quickly become a cult hero at the Emirates stand. He’s very confident in defending his own goal, he can carry the ball forward, and finally – he’s a real perfect defender. After the successes of Hector Beller and Cedric, this was a good change in north London.

4. Jose Cha – Olympiacos Pyreus -> Wolverhampton

Is Rui Patricio a good goalkeeper? No one really complained about the Portuguese on the Wolves’ goal, though he did have medium competition. So, some people thought that Jose Cha could turn him 100% successful. Meanwhile, the former Olympiacos goalkeeper is better than his predecessor.

Sa’s debut season in the Premier League was a really good performance. 18 matches, seven clean sheets – it makes a good impression, yet the Portuguese is playing with his legs and some spectacular interventions. There were of course many meetings where wolf skin was saved. For a guy who only costs € 8 million – more than a good deal.

3. Emmanuel Tennis – Club Bruce -> Watford

Nigeria may be the biggest surprise of the season. The unnamed guy has become one of the best strikers in the current tournament. He continued to disappoint during his adventures at FC Koeln and Club Brugge, but he excelled at Watford.

It is difficult to point out the weak point of tennis. He has a good outlook on the field and a birthright to be motivated towards the goal. At the same time, he’s not the guy who leaves one leg and goes to vacancy, but the guy who pulls the weakest team over the Premier League exit zone. In addition, this price – less than five million euros. If you shop and look for obvious solutions, this is exactly what happens Tool In the summer transfer window.

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2. Conor Gallagher – Chelsea -> Crystal Palace

In the case of Livermento Chelsea who must somehow sell the talented player, Gallagher’s future is relatively secure. Fortunately, the English midfielder has grown to be one of the best in the Premier League this season. However, his credit to Crystal Palace should be considered positive anyway. The Eagles have done great business and can only think about how long it will take Chelsea to believe their case at this point.

However, this task will not be particularly easy. Gallagher – Mobile Central midfielder – did everything he could to get him to listen. It has already been said that six goals, three assists, one impression is too strong and Chelsea could reduce the Englishman’s debt instead of selling. Considering The Blues’ current problems, college gold would be worth its weight in gold. How precious it is to the Crystal Palace.

1. Aaron Ramsdale – Sheffield United -> Arsenal

There could only have been one winner. Mainly because Ramsdale went so quickly from “God, what do you pay for him” to “What a great thing, I love you, Arsenal”. The best goalkeeper in the first half of the Premier League season was able to cope not only on the line, but also as captain.

If we talk about the personality crisis, the lack of leaders, it’s Ramstale on the team Kannadas He unwrapped it as he moved. No player lives so hard with the stands and no one in the defense seems to hear that. The Englishman earned it all – ends up continuing to meet characteristics, abilities and expectations. 80% interventions this season, one of the best results of the entire Premier League. In addition, good leg play is essential in Michael Arteta’s tactics.

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