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Sines 4.0: MegaCentro de Dados será um dos maiores da Europa

The big data center will be one of the largest in Europe

As the world continues to grapple with a massive crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Portugal and, more specifically, the Sines are enjoying excellent news.

Sines will receive a data storage center that will generate up to 1,200 jobs. The investment is approximately 3,500 million euros.

Sines 4.0 will be one of the largest "campuses" of data centers

The project is called Sines 4.0 and is being developed by Start Campus, which is owned by a North American investment fund and UK infrastructure firm. According to the RTP, the project will be constructed in Sines and represent one of the largest foreign investments in Portugal, since Autoeuropa was installed in Palmela. SINES 4.0 is a program National Interest Project (PIN) f It will be a sustainable data processing center.

According to the information, the Sines 4.0 will be one of the largest "campuses" of data centers [“Hyperscaler Data Centre”] Europe is responding to the growing demand from large international technology companies that provide broadcast services, social media, e-commerce, games, online education, video conferencing, and other business applications for data processing and storage. "

Sense 4.0: The Big Data Center will be one of the largest in Europe

Speaking to Antena 1, the Minister of State for Internationalization, Eurico Brilhante Dias, highlighted the project's potential for the future of the region and the country.

Work on SINES 4.0 should start later this year. It is expected that the center will be operational within two years. It should be noted that this project expects to create 1,200 highly efficient direct jobs and 8,000 indirect jobs by 2025.

The project envisages the construction of five buildings with a useful capacity to supply 450 megawatts to servers, with a capacity of 90 megawatts each. It will be built on land adjacent to the recently closed coal fired power plant in Sines.

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