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Suspensão da BMW recarrega bateria quando há mau piso

The BMW suspension recharges the battery when there is bad ground

BMW creates something new! It is true that the electric vehicle sector is in the process of innovation, but certainly there are still many things to discover and master. In the area of ​​vehicle autonomy, investigations remain focused on batteries, but there may be mechanisms to recharge the battery while the vehicles are in motion.

BMW is developing a suspension system capable of generating energy in the face of road irregularities and thus recharging the battery.

The BMW suspension operates and generates energy that is used to recharge the battery

Electric power is critical for electric vehicles to move. In addition to the energy stored in batteries, which provide a certain autonomy, it will be interesting for the vehicles themselves to generate energy while driving. In this sense, BMW is working on a solution where the suspension is as the powertrain equipment.

In practice, when the suspension smooths out irregularities on the ground, energy is generated and stored in the battery.

The BMW suspension recharges the battery when there is bad ground

This BMW suspension will, as far as is known, be for exclusive use in electric vehicles. There is no information yet on when it will be part of the German brand's electric model.

It should be noted that the energy of the wheels of the car passing over the bumps is absorbed by the spring elements of the suspension, and then this energy is dissipated in the form of heat by the dampers. The function of the shock absorber, as the name suggests, is cushioning and this translates to a smoother ride.

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