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The Boys: Le Phils D'Arnold Schwarzenegger Reunited To Casting To Spin-Off

The Boys: Le Phils D’Arnold Schwarzenegger Reunited To Casting To Spin-Off

The spin-off of the “The Boys” series included the names of three actors in its credits, including Maria Shriver, son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was born with Patrick.

According to the American site DeadlineThe 28-year-old will continue to star alongside Sean Patrick Thomas and Marco Picos in the series expected on Amazon Prime Video. For now, no official information has been released about the respective characters, but Golden Boy, the son of Deadline journalist Arnold Schwarzenegger, will play the role of Thomas Polaris, while Picosy will be Dr. Cardoza.

Directed by Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters, the as-yet-untitled series counts as an appetite-playing style fiction for adult audiences on the campus of Godolkin University, the school for future superheroes. At the end of their study cycle, students are physically and morally (and sexually) tested, trying to win the most important deals in the best cities in the country.

Actor Sans Bertomo (The New Adventures of Sabrina) plays the lead role. The cast already includes the presence of Jazz Sinclair, Lizzie Broadway, Reena Hardesti and Maddie Phillips.

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