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The Brazilian loses half a million Brazilian reals in Bitcoin after being caught in a phishing

The Brazilian loses half a million Brazilian reals in Bitcoin after being caught in a phishing

Correctly and securely storing cryptocurrencies is a very important task in the market and even the most effective method needs extra attention to avoid various attacks. Recently A Reddit user said he lost 2.67 Bitcoins after being caught in a phishing attack, Even with having one of the most secure wallets on the market.

a Brazilian It is identified only as sister Posted on subfórum do reddit The story of what happened to your Bitcoin wallet.

He bought an actual wallet through a Brazilian actor Cryptoper Immediately after handover, he configured the device with a file The official website of the Treasury Department.

User used Trezor to create his portfolio. Source: Irmpeixoto / Reddit

The user mentioned that he had been collecting bitcoins since 2017, using paper wallets as a cold wallet and Binance for the values ​​used in trades.

It was then that he decided to take these values ​​and store them in a file Hardware portfolio Something went wrong during one of your Trazor logins.

“After removing all of my balance sheets from paper wallets, Binance and for Trezor, on Saturdays and Sundays (2.67 Bitcoin total), I went back to to see if the transaction worked. After opening the site, I’m not sure, But maybe some phishing sites have opened and I didn’t realize that. “

What happened is that Peixoto ended up entering a tab for a phishing attack that perfectly emulated Trezor’s website.

The truth is, a site matching Trezor requested my keywords, indicating that some kind of recovery was necessary.

And since I am new to hard devices, I put keywords on the site. Yesterday, when I tried to check my balance through xPub, my Trezor was zero. ”

Tresor, the fake website, where Pixuto put its keywords.  Source: Irmpeixoto / Reddit
Tresor, the fake website, where Pixuto put its keywords. Source: Irmpeixoto / Reddit

Peixoto indicated that the stolen values ​​had been sent to the address 13818Kr5DYwQj1Hzxx6sG328GJkR2QPFEM, Which, according to Bitcoin Explorer, has more than 14 Bitcoins and made 16 transactions.

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Apparently, all of these Bitcoins are the result of phishing scams like the one that was implemented against Peixoto.

“I am totally devastated. I am writing this post to warn other users about running into this scam or similar scams.

From now on, I will try to buy and save more bitcoins, but I will not try again with Tresor wallet. “

Although it is easy to understand Pixuto’s exasperation with Trezor, the holster was not responsible for what happened.

Phishing is a part of social engineering attacks and only depends on user errors, so it turns out that the blame lies more with the user himself for not paying attention to the websites he entered. continent Other than being scammed by someone who was supposed to provide security to the customer.

It is important to be careful not to fall victim to this type of fraud, as there are different ways to protect yourself. to me Jefferson Rondolfo, Founder and Executive Director Give CryptoperUnfortunately, the user has thrown keywords to a scam.

The rule always worth remembering is that you must follow a wallet guide and in this guide you are told that you should never place your private key on any website.

“Unfortunately, this is another case of phishing. The customer contacted us, and quickly responded asking for more details, and when he came back he had already posted the post on Reddit and was aware of his failure to deliver his spare words to the site. Unfortunately, it was human error. The customer turned over his most valuable asset, his spare words, or “key to the safe.”

“We have always strongly recommended that users never type their backup words and that in case of doubt, always contact KriptoBR, a few thousand US dollars can be safe now if a simple email is sent to us. Jefferson Rondolfo said.