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The Brazilians will install an electronic panel plant in Soure with the support of Portugal 2020 - Notícias de Coimbra

The Brazilians will install an electronic panel plant in Soure with the support of Portugal 2020 – Notícias de Coimbra

Brazil Standard America, a manufacturer of electronic boards, told the National Defense Center that it would set up a factory in Sora and that work would take place “in the coming months.” For this project, the company has secured support of around 1.7 million euros from Portugal 2020.

The announcement was made today with the group explaining that at this new manufacturing unit in Surrey it “expects to create between 80 and 100 direct jobs in the first year”.

The group said Standard America, which is headquartered in Campinas, has completed all phases of the Portugal 2020 program and will receive investment support to set up its plant in Surrey.

The CEO of the manufacturer, Dal Coleto, said that the new unit will start operating with two production lines, which will guarantee a sales volume of up to two million euros in the first year.

Under the Portugal 2020 project, 1.7 million euros will be transferred to Standard America, but the industry intends to raise about 10 million euros from private funds. “With the approval of Portugal 2020, we were sought by private funds, which also indicate the investment in our project,” the entrepreneur added.

The company explained to NDC that it is “acquiring a suite in Soure owned by Crédito Agrícola, which will be leased to Standard Europe, with preference to purchase, for a certain period” and added that the business would begin the next day. few months.

The mayor of Surrey, Mario Jorge Nunes, told the National Defense Committee today that he “remains unaware of any of this information” and that his last contact with the Brazilian company was “probably in June when he received representatives at the plant that will visit two or three sites on display.” for sale as potential locations to house the new plant,” but added that they have not communicated since then.

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Standard America explained that “two wings were offered to Standard Europe, but the negotiations did not achieve the required progress,” so it opted for the decision described above.

The Standard Group consists of the brands Standard America, with a factory in Brazil and a trading office in the United States, and STD Europe and is specialized in projects and manufacturing of electronic panels for the fields of agriculture, industrial automation, automotive, Internet, communications, security, lighting, healthcare, aerospace and marine industry. Al Sanea explained that he has knowledge and certification in the fields of engineering, prototyping and pilots, SMT and PTH assembly, integrated solutions and final testing.

“To compete on budget, projects must meet certain criteria demonstrating significant scientific, technological and economic specialization that can generate competitive advantages for the country. Assessed against all these criteria, Standard America has a score of 4.55 on a scale of 5,” the company stressed.