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The case of Luana Piovani and Pedro Scopi returns to the Cascais court

The case of Luana Piovani and Pedro Scopi returns to the Cascais court

toOn Monday, November 13, uana Piovani and Pedro Scooby return to the Cascais court, after the lawsuit filed by the surfer against his ex-partner because, in his opinion, she has publicly exposed their children and continues to mention it in various posts made on social media.

Luana said on Instagram that she feels “stressed” and “sad” about having to return to court and also asked for support from those who follow her.

“Loves, straight talk. My dog ​​died, my employee went to take care of her life and she left the week before my flight (she left for my parents), as I have to sort out boring and emotional issues. Moreover last week I received a letter informing me of a hearing, which will be tomorrow [segunda-feira]10 am, for the “sleeve surgery” here in Portugal. The Cascais court was a shock and I’m very worried about going back there tomorrow,” the actress began writing on her Instagram stories.

“I don’t want to have an anxiety attack, or feel accused, and I don’t want to hear screaming and think I’m going to pass out. I want to be heard and have everything explained with facts and coherence. So, I came here to ask for your prayers, for your vibration, so that I can stay calm and have everything be Smooth. If you like my speeches, my questions, if you like my posture or you have ever held my arm for the woman, for the mother, if I have already helped you in any way, I am here to ask you for help now. Please. I am stressed and depressed, And I couldn’t sleep properly for a few days. I didn’t want to go back to court. Tell me good things, peace, please. “I’m endlessly grateful, Lua.”

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