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The Chancellor shows the world the luxury of Portuguese wine

The Chancellor shows the world the luxury of Portuguese wine

Claudio Martins is an international consultant who, in collaboration with consumers, producers, investors and collectors, has managed to elevate Portuguese wines to the luxury category.

Claudio Martins was “sad” when he saw a vintage 1815 Porto Ferreira sell for €6,800 at auction. Named by CEO Magazine as “one of the UK’s 20 most dynamic CEOs in 2020”, the international wine consultant, born S. Romao, Serra da Estrela, believes the price distorts the image of Port wine when you know you can pay around $500,000 for a bottle of 1945 Romanée-Conti. The question was: Does Casa Ferreirinha have less history than Romanée-Conti? No, there is not. Is there burgundy behind it? “Okay, but we have Doro.”

Determined and with very strong convictions, like someone who knows exactly what he wants, in 2021 he launched Júpiter, a sculptural wine produced on the Rocim estate, in partnership with winemaker Pedro Ribeiro. Nearly 800 bottles put on the market at €1,000 each quickly sold out. Some of them can still be bought, but only from investors, at a price of two to three thousand euros.

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