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The Chinese missile is falling towards the ground uncontrollably

The Chinese missile is falling towards the ground uncontrollably

There is a missile that could have an unsupervised reentry on Earth. In the past few months, we’ve heard, repeatedly, about some projects taking place on a global scale that aim to explore the universe and beyond. There are more and more satellites in orbit, and for all the gains, there are also some risks.

According to some information, a Chinese missile weighing 21 tons is falling towards the ground in an out of control manner, and experts warn that body debris may reach several cities.

A 21-ton Chinese missile could land in an urban area

According to news provided by TVI, the debris of a Chinese missile 21 tons high and over 30 meters in height could reach an urban area between New York and New Zealand.

This rocket was used to put into orbit the Tianhe unit of the new Chinese space station. Also remember that this Chinese missile (Long March 5B) took off from the ground on April 29.

The mission was successful, but experts now warn that this missile is expected to enter Earth again in an uncontrolled manner in the coming days. If it did, this would be one of the largest ever cases of an uncontrolled return of a space plane on Earth.

The accident sparked a wave of criticism from experts and space exploration enthusiasts, who assert that according to current quality standards, this situation is "unacceptable".

If the expected happened, it wouldn't be the first time something like this had happened. In 1991, the 39-ton Russian Salyut 7 crashed in Argentina out of control.

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The record for the largest uncensored comeback goes back to the USA, when the 79-ton Skylab station crashed, leaving behind a wreck between the Indian Ocean and Australia.