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The Chinese President takes strict measures against corruption: – We cannot stop

The Chinese President takes strict measures against corruption: – We cannot stop

Chinese President Xi Jinping promised to act cautiously in the fight against corruption in the country. The president made clear on Monday that China would take action against “hidden dangers” and toughen penalties for bribery. He writes CNN.

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In his career as Chinese president and general secretary of the Communist Party, Xi has cracked down hard on corruption, both among senior statesmen and bureaucrats at the bottom of the Chinese state hierarchy.

Despite achieving an overwhelming victory in the decade-long war against corruption, the situation remains complex. In such a complex situation, we cannot stop, slow down or compromise on anti-corruption work, Chinese state media quoted Xi as telling the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China.

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“Flies and ants”

according to CNN The fight against corruption must now be directed towards the finance and energy sectors, as well as infrastructure-related sectors. In his statement on Monday, Xi said corruption at lower levels of the hierarchy, committed by “flies and ants” as Xi says, will be suppressed.

Above the anchor, associate professor and political scientist Alfred Wu at the National University of Singapore says Xi wants to show that the anti-corruption project will continue.

Xi mentions some severe problems such as rampant corruption in the economy. It's about the internal audience, to make sure people know that the anti-corruption project is a top priority, says the associate professor.

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China is the second largest economy in the world. The United States alone is the largest.

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Military troubles

China's defense sector is also said to be affected by corruption. Reverse Bloomberg Anonymous American intelligence sources say that corruption must be so widespread that American sources now believe that China is less capable of carrying out major military operations in the coming years than it would otherwise be.

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ABC Nyheter has previously cited intelligence sources citing instances where Chinese missiles were said to have been filled with water rather than fuel.

Recently, several high-ranking figures in the Chinese military have been dismissed. Information from intelligence sources suggests that corruption may have been part of the background to the impeachments, Bloomberg writes.

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In his New Year's speech, President Xi acknowledged the difficulties facing the Chinese economy. This is the first time that Xi has mentioned economic challenges in his annual New Year's speeches since he began delivering them in 2013, according to the China website. CNN.

– Along the way, we have to face headwinds. Some companies are having a tough time. When addressing the Chinese people, Xi Jinping acknowledged that some people have difficulty finding jobs and meeting basic needs.