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The city municipality will carry out more than 500,000 home visits in 2023 to combat Aedes aegypti

The city municipality will carry out more than 500,000 home visits in 2023 to combat Aedes aegypti

The control and control of the Aedes aegypti mosquito is part of a task force carried out by the City of Aracaju, through the Municipal Health Department (SMS), with the support of other municipal bodies, in the fight against mosquito-borne diseases. . In preparing, planning and implementing procedures, residents are also included to monitor and support workers who visit homes on a daily basis. From January to November this year, settlers carried out 543,444 home visits and visited all districts of the capital.

During the visits, professionals examined major Aedes aegypti breeding sites in water storage tanks, provided guidance to residents and, if necessary, applied larvicides. In general, breeding sites are very common places and objects in the daily life of a family, since for mosquitoes to grow, it is enough to have any space where stagnant water accumulates, such as a washing room, a barrel, a water tank, a vase, a plate. Plants, debris, and solid waste in backyards, among others.

According to the SMS Municipal Aedes aegypti Control Program Manager, Jefferson Santana, in the past 11 months, 257 people in their homes have rejected visits by endemic agents. On the other hand, of the 543,444 homes visited, 175,532 were closed, but professionals returned on other occasions and were able to complete the inspection of another 4,941 homes.

“This year, 2023, there has been a lot of work. Every month we have carried out important actions, from January until now, and the endemic disease agents have not stopped, always from Monday to Friday during routine visits. Throughout the year, 35 joint efforts have been carried out to combat Aedes In the neighbourhoods, on Saturdays.This is also very important information, because we are implementing these measures with the support of Emsurb [Empresa Municipal de Serviços Urbanos]Which generates a positive impact, talking with residents, being able to visit places that are closed during the week, especially since on Saturdays, some people are at home because they are not working and we are able to complete a home “visit,” adds Jefferson.

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As an integral part of the arbovirus control action plan developed from the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the smoke car application, in partnership with the state government, covered 15 neighborhoods with the highest incidence and notification of arboviruses. Operation Fumacê Costal, carried out by the endemic disease agents of Aracaju Health, covered all neighborhoods in 154 actions, reaching and protecting 121 thousand properties.

“For the Fumacê Costal application that we did this year, as is already routine in the program, we always try to check the areas that have the highest rate of reported cases of certain arboviruses and prevent transmission with our teams,” Program Director Exit Points .

In 2023, the city council will conduct six Indicator Rapid Surveys for Aedes aegypti (LIRAa), after it presented the lowest mosquito infestation rate in the past 20 years for November, its most recent study. Compared to last year, there was a significant decrease of 67.2% in dengue cases, 68.4% in chikungunya cases, and 7.5% in Zika cases.

This year’s 6th LIRAa session was held in the capital between November 6 and 10. This survey focuses on guiding City Council actions to combat the spread of Aedes aegypti. In the previous survey, released in September, Aracaju recorded an index of 1.0, also rated as average risk and the lowest in the past five years. LIRAa is performed every two months and is classified into three levels: low (0.0% to 0.9%), medium (1.0% to 3.9%), and high (above 4.0%).