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The city of Syrian Pounds receives one million doses of influenza vaccine from the Butantan Institute to contain the increase in cases of the disease |  Sao Paulo

The city of Syrian Pounds receives one million doses of influenza vaccine from the Butantan Institute to contain the increase in cases of the disease | Sao Paulo

Municipal Health Department Saint Paulthe (SMS) reported on Wednesday (22) that it will receive from Putanta Instituten About one million doses of H1N1 influenza vaccine to counter the increase in disease cases in the city.

The first batch of 400,000 immunized workers will be available on Thursday (23), and the secretariat will start the new phase of vaccination against the disease on Friday (24).

The new doses will target people who are not yet vaccinated in 2021 and will be vaccinated in all 469 basic health units (UBSs), always from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Pregnant women, postpartum women, breastfeeding women, the elderly over 60, and children aged 6 months to 5 years are part of the priority group, according to the health profile.

“the Putantan Institute He responded to the SMS Health Surveillance Coordination (COVISA) request, which sent an official letter requesting additional doses of the flu vaccine, in an effort to alleviate the worrying picture of the increasing number of cases of patients with respiratory symptoms. In recent days, “said in a statement issued by the city of Syria Pound on Wednesday (22).

The health file claims to have made the same request and requested more doses of the H1N1 influenza vaccine to the Ministry of Health.

Two cases of influenza increased

In November 2021, the secretariat stated that the city of SP recorded a total of 111,949 calls to people with flu-like symptoms, of whom 56,220 were suspected of having Covid-19 and others with influenza and other respiratory diseases. There were about 55,7 thousand cases of respiratory illnesses not related to Covid during the period.

This month, as of Tuesday (20), SMS is recording a total of 170,259 people with respiratory illnesses, with 79,482 suspected of having Covid-19. In other words, there are about 90,700 cases of respiratory illness not linked to Covid.

There are about 35,000 more calls just for non-Covid cases compared to one month with the other, without December ending yet.

Patients wait for care in the hallway and sit on the floor at the UPA in Taboão da Serra (SP)

The increase in cases of people with flu symptoms is causing overcrowding and confusion in healthcare facilities in the metropolitan area Sao Paulo. in a city Sao PauloThe attendance rate for influenza syndrome increased by 48%.

At the end of Wednesday morning (22), patients at the Akira Tada Emergency Care Unit (UPA), in Tapao da Serra, reported seeing patients fainting without treatment. The place was crowded. “We are asking for help, at the moment there is no place for help,” he said.

In the capital, in just the first 20 days of December, nearly 82,911 people with respiratory problems attended. In November, there were 55,729 assists.

“We were working 100% of the family. Intensive care beds, including children, waiting for admission. Some children are treated outside the intensive care unit when they need intensive care, but the same specialist team takes care of these cases, even if they are located outside the critical unit environment,” he says.

The capital’s assistant health minister, Luis Carlos Zamarco, said the hospital in Brazil, in the northern region, should receive serious influenza cases, but so far few people needed hospital treatment.

He also stated that City Hall is enhancing the service.

“We pitched some tents until yesterday with more doctors. Today, we have mandated our partners to hire more than 280 doctors in order to streamline this service. We don’t have hospitalization increases for Covid. And hospitalizations for influenza with that hospitalization volume you see you walk in Opus, Emergency rooms, which have a very large number of patients. So far 48 have been admitted. I mean, compared to the number of patients undergoing consultations, it is not a huge number.

A crowded health unit in the metropolitan area of ​​São Paulo – Photo: INJAB/TV Globo

Wednesday (21st), City Hall Sao Paulo He stated that it had allowed the employment of more than 280 physicians to care.

The pictures were taken on Wednesday afternoon (21) at the Basic Health Unit in Jardim Grimaldi, on the eastern side of the city Sao PauloShow intense movement – number of calls is above average.

People looking for healthcare and health professionals who did not agree with him came and the capital’s Civil Guard was called.

Other UBSs are also overburdened. According to the city council, the average number of visits to an emergency care unit in Jaçanã, for example, doubled from November to December.

Occupancy in health units is also frequent in the metropolitan area Sao Paulo. On Wednesday afternoon (20), a viewer sent a video to a Globo production that he recorded at Upa de Taboão da Serra.

Pictures show patients waiting for care sitting on the stairs and in the corridors.

Over the phone, the viewer, who lives in Taboão da Serra, said he had arrived at 6 a.m. at Upa Akira Tada, with his 83-year-old uncle, who needed to see a GP.

The service took place only around 11 AM, when the uncle was taken to the medicine room. They left Upa around 3pm. The viewer also said that when Oppa left, the situation in the waiting room was even worse.

The Taboão da Serra City Council has reported that in recent days there has been a 100% increase in attendance at Upa, Arena Emergency Room and Children’s Emergency Room due to the flu outbreak in Sao PauloThe virus that can cause bronchitis in children.

Also according to the note, Upa Akira Tada had four doctors during the day and three at night. As demand increased, another physician was appointed to provide care.

Anyone with mild, flu-like symptoms, such as cough, sore throat, fever and runny nose, can consult a doctor remotely, without leaving home, by calling 7700-4788.

This service is open Monday through Friday, except holidays and optional point, from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Increasing number of visits to respiratory patients in the city of SP

Increasing number of visits to respiratory patients in the city of SP

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