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The classic arcade game, "Contra" gets a portable version

The classic arcade game, “Contra” gets a portable version

typical game Passage Worse to the difficulty of encouraging players to buy more and more chips, Contra has also succeeded in consoles and will soon return to mobile phones. “Against Returns”, a remake of the hit franchise from Konami, will be available from July 26, for Android e iOS. Check out the trailer:

The new Contra is now available for pre-booking at Play Store and on Apple Store. Early registration guarantees automatic title download at launch and exclusive rewards. The game is free, with in-app purchases possible.

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“Against Returns” brings significant visual changes compared to the more popular versions of the franchise, leaving aside the classic pixelated version. However, HD graphics are nothing new to the series, and they can be seen in the latest titles like “Contra Evolution”, which was also released for Android and iOS.

Watch the comparison between the NES and the new versions:

“Against Returns” puts aside the aesthetics of the original games and adopts HD graphics. Credit: Konami/Disclosure


While the previous game in the series, ‘Contra: Rogue Corps’ (2019), adopted an isometric perspective, the mobile launch returns to a pure 2D rendering. The most expressive new features are the addition of new characters, customizable weapons and new abilities.

For those who appreciate the more challenging aspect of the series, Returns adds another layer of difficulty to One Life Mode. In this mode, the challenge is to get as far as possible without dying. In total, the game will have more than 200 levels.

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The Konami title was developed in partnership with TiMi Studios, the latter of which belongs to Tencent and is also responsible for “Contra: Return”, an exclusive title for the mobile market in China.

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