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Suns WCF champions 1er juillet 2021

The clippers are so worn out, Chris Paul is gigantic … and the Phoenix is ​​in the NBA Final

There was the smell of public execution that night in Los Angeles, except that the victim was not guilty of anything and the victim was now worn out. Heroic by a playoff campaign, it is irrelevant, it is unpredictable as unworthy. So, Sons saw their most beautiful executioner kill the wounded beast in front of his audience, making the story even more frantic, intense, and more human. The Gentleman and the Women are in the Phoenix Suns NBA Finals, 10 years after their last playoffs and 28 years after their last final.

Sports? The most important thing in this story is not necessarily, but let’s at least talk about it anyway. This is not the most complicated game of playoffs for the Suns, because, as we said in the introduction, these clippers simply exploded, after a strong campaign of 19 fights, when the opponent had four less and ten days more. A hit built patiently into this Cam6, there is no real interior on the Clippers side so press where it hurts, with the Aidan button. The other big man at the start of the match, even in the first half? Jay Crowder offers his usual assassinations in defense and cannot engage in further attacks. At this point in the meeting, Tyrone Louis’ men walked out, thanking him for starting the race ட் Pat Beverly, thanks for the happy victory from the parking lot… Dimurcus Cousins. In short, we feel it, we know, these clippers are holding a thread, it is all fried, and it is on the verge of breaking.

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What should have happened happened

Questions. Can you win a playoff match on your knees with Paul George, especially well defended by Dorey Craig, and after a wonderful post-season by all means at the end of the lesson? Can a game with Marcus Morris as attacking leader win the 6-conference finals? Can Sun beat the Sun in 2021 without a professional interior? Can a Chris Paul slow down at the peak of his glory and the author’s 40 points in the second half of 31? No, no, no, no. So Suns makes the station wagon, and then very quickly the station wagon turns into a semi-trailer. Chris Paul cheers on his fan base and opponents, Timurcus Cousins ​​takes a blunt act a little too hard, Pat Beverly turns to him, pulls the pin when he realizes he has 1,500 times less talent than his evening attack, and Little by little, the gap grows until everyone formalizes what they have long understood. The 130-103 win was the lid of a series played against the California without Kavi Leonard, but it should not have been so complete and so efficient from this team’s record.

The second-best team of the regular season, the Lakers were severely wiped out in the first round, the Nuggets scored in the half, and now at Clippers Boy, nothing could stop the Suns this season, after a decade-long deficit. Bravo mothers, the clippers were brave and did not steal their place, but the photo finish on this series is not required, it is in the Phoenix Fo ** NBA Finals in Suns, it’s absolutely deserving, it’s absolutely amazing.

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