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The club was terminated with a player who was negotiating and left empty-handed

The club was terminated with a player who was negotiating and left empty-handed

There is a controversial issue in the Brazilian market talking about the transfer of Pedrinho de Vitoria to Atletico Paranaense, a team that was until recently led by Portuguese Antonio Oliveira.

The two clubs were negotiating a transfer and reached a verbal agreement. However, the club from Bahia was quick and terminated with the player before the formal agreement, and now, Paraná say they have nothing to pay, because the 19-year-old was already free when he signed.

The case must now go to court, but Athletico Paranaense has taken to social media to offer its version of events. “It should be noted that without the implementation / signing of the transfer contract and the early termination of the employment contract by Vitoria, the athlete Pedro Henrique Azevedo Pereira was free, without a sports bond, appointed by the club, without the transfer being previously handled by the parties,” as Says defense of Athletico Paranaense.

Pedriño has been working with Vitoria since he was 10 years old and renewed his contract with Bahia club until 2024, but on August 20 he terminated his contract and signed a few days later the new logo.

According to Vitoria, an agreement with Athletico Parananense was established for a total amount of 8.5 million reais (about 1.3 million euros) and the club had to pay the first installment, about 500 thousand euros, when the contract with the defense became official. . The rest will be paid later in future installments. The agreement also stipulated that the player would remain in Vitoria on loan until the end of the season.

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The fact is that the player has not returned and Vitoria has not received any value, and has already announced that he will appeal to the courts.