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The “coaches’ dance” reaches six: those who left and entered the league

The “coaches’ dance” reaches six: those who left and entered the league

There are six coaches who have already left the technical leadership of one of the league teams in the 11th round of the 2023/24 season.

With the departure of Daniel Ramos from Arauca, made official last night, a day after saying goodbye to Felipe Martinez, the number of ‘lashes’ has risen to six.

The Queen of the Carousel team on the bench is Vitoria de Guimarães. The Guimarães team saw Moreno leave on his own initiative shortly after the first round of the tournament, due to the knockout blow in the second round of the Conference League, against Slovenian side NK Celje.

Joao Aroso still leads Minho in the next round, but it is Brazilian Paulo Torra who takes over for the third round. But in the seventh round, the coach was sacked and immediately replaced by Alvaro Pacheco, another victim of the league’s “coach dance”.

Pacheco started the season at Estoril Praia, but poor results led to his departure in the sixth round, to be replaced by Vasco Seabra.

The day before, there was another “injury”. Jose Gomez, who suffered five defeats in five rounds, was unable to resist and was replaced by Moreno, who, like Alvaro Pacheco, is making his second experience of the season on different benches.

However, with nearly a third of the tournament completed and with a break for the national teams in between, there have been teams changing their coaches. Daniel Ramos has been sacked and Arouca has already found his successor in Daniel Sousa, while Casa Pia is the only team still without a coach, after Felipe Martinez asked to leave.

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As a summary, it is also possible to see that V. Guimarães is the only team in the top half of the table to have already changed their coach. In the case of the six worst-ranked teams, only Vezela and Rio Ave made changes to the bench.

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