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The company is racing against time to get Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner off the magazine cover after the festival tragedy

The company is racing against time to get Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner off the magazine cover after the festival tragedy

According to reports, W Magazine employees are trying to “stop delivery trucks” from distributing Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner’s cover on newsstands.

The magazines and newspapers of the company she was previously associated with Travis Scott They are silently trying to distance themselves from the Cactus Jack brand after the tragedy at Astroworld Festival. We’ve already heard reports that Nike has delayed the launch of a collaboration with Scott due to the increase in crowd deaths during the festival. Sources close to Travis claim that he did not realize the seriousness of what was happening in the crowd during his performance..

While Fortnite has allegedly removed an expression from Travis Scott that was released in support of Astroworld. Even some media publications are trying to erase their association with Scott. according to PageSix, a W magazine It prevents delivery trucks from leaving to prevent the next problem, with Travis Scott and Kylie JennerIt hit newsstands across the American country.

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The decision to remove the artists from the cover came a little more than that A week after the Astroworld incident that left 10 dead. The cover with Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner included an extensive interview with the couple expecting their second child. The story was published before the festival tragedy, but as more information emerges, editors are said to be scrambling to try to get the magazine back.

“My editors W They canceled any planned coverage of Travis and Kylie from their website, but the magazine has already gone to print and they are now trying to stop delivery trucks,” a source told Sixth page. “What happened in Astroworld, the interview and the cover lines seem insufficient for this sad moment.” about it, 125 victims affected by the tragedy have filed a lawsuit against Scott.

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The lawsuit, brought by Houston attorney Tony Busby, is the first of others to allege that Travis and the show’s organizers neglected to properly plan the show, train security personnel and host a safe event. Among the plaintiffs is the family of 21-year-old Axel Acosta, who is said to have been trampled on by an “agitated, disorderly and undisciplined mob”. As for the staggering $750 million, the suit claims covers physical and mental injury as well as loss of life. .