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The conflict between Israel and armed groups in Gaza is heading towards "full war" - VG

The conflict between Israel and armed groups in Gaza is heading towards “full war” – VG

Warning: Toure Winzland is the Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process. Now he warns of “all-out war.” Photo: Guri Solberg / UD

The Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, the Norwegian Tor Wainesland, has warned that the conflict between Israel and armed groups in Gaza is heading towards “full war”.


– Stop shooting immediately. We are escalating towards an all-out war. Leaders on both sides must take responsibility for appeasement. The cost of the war in Gaza is devastating, and ordinary people are paying the price. The United Nations is working with all parties to restore calm now. Stop the violence now, he wrote on Twitter.

The Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East is published Twitter messages Hans.

VG tried to get extra comment from Wennesland. He states over the phone that he does not have time to expand on the Twitter message because he has to deal with the situation.

Earlier Tuesday night, Secretary of State In Eriksen Sureed announced that a new emergency meeting would be held at the Security Council. According to Reuters, the meeting will be held on Wednesday.

Eriksen Soared has it Condemns all attacks on civilians He urged both sides to take measures that would de-escalate the situation before more civilians lost their lives.

More than 30 Palestinians were killed

The health authorities in the Gaza Strip announced, on Tuesday evening, the killing of at least 30 Palestinians, including ten children. Should be worn 203.

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More than 500 rockets were fired from Gaza at Israel, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel had bombed “hundreds” of targets in Gaza.

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Tuesday evening His 13-storey residential building collapsed in Gaza After an air strike. Pictures from the site showed thick, dark smoke billowing from the area around the square, and that the block had collapsed.

The residential building, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz An office house used by the political leadership of Hamas.

The IDF reportedly asked civilians to evacuate the building, but it is currently unclear whether the building was completely evacuated before collapsing, or whether anyone was injured or killed as a result of the attack.

More background:

Rocket attack on Tel Aviv

Throughout the evening, attacks between Israel and Gaza continued with increasing force. Shortly after the attack on the residential building in Gaza, Hamas announced an airstrike in Tel Aviv.

So far, it has been confirmed that three Israeli civilians have been killed in the bombing of the cities of Ashkelon and Holon.

One of the rockets sent from the Gaza Strip reportedly hit a bus in Holon. The Israeli newspaper The Times of Israel He writes that at least six people were injured in the rockets that struck Holon. Among them is a five-year-old girl.

to me Jerusalem Post More than 90 Israelis were wounded in the attacks.

“We are now fulfilling our promise to launch a massive missile attack on Tel Aviv and the surrounding area, using 130 rockets in response to the enemy’s attack on residential compounds,” the Hamas militia unit said in a statement on Tuesday evening.

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Later on Tuesday night, Israel warned of an imminent attack on the Al-Jawhara building in Gaza City, where several Palestinian media have offices.

An hour later, according to Palestinian journalists, two missiles from Israeli drones were fired at the building, which also houses apartments. There were no reports of deaths or injuries.

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