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The conflict between Nos and Altice also plays on innovation - communication

The conflict between Nos and Altice also plays on innovation – communication

Nos was the company carrying the most expenditures related to research and development (R&D) in 2020, in Portugal. According to the data The General Directorate of Education and Science Statistics (DGEEC), in the report “Companies with more spending on R&D activities in 2020 – Portugal”, Quoted today by DN NS business consultingNos tops the ranking of the 100 most innovative companies in Portugal. In 2020, its R&D spending amounted to €67,251 million, placing it ahead of its competitor Altice whose total investment, with six companies, was 59.496 million.

But the company headquartered in Forum Picoas has the largest number of human resources doing research and development. There are, in total, 662, but only five doctorate degrees. It houses 226 people, 12 of whom hold a Ph.D.

In third place comes Biel, who earned 44.4 million euros. It has 164 people dedicated to research and development, 60 of whom have Ph.D. Even out of the 100 list, the company has the largest number of PhDs devoted to this area of ​​innovation.

As the fourth unknown, BCP ranks fifth with an investment of €33,281 million.

The report is based on the provisional results of the National Scientific and Technological Potential Survey 2020 (IPCTN20), but not all companies have released their data, so out of the list of 100, there are many that appear anonymous and without associated values. This is still a provisional list.

The Directorate General of Education and Science Statistics adds, based on the provisional results, that “the 100 companies/groups with the largest collective investment in R&D were responsible for 49% of the total business sector expenditures, which amounted to €1,811 million and represented 0.89% of GDP.” The national total in 2020.” In addition, “R&D personnel in these companies represented 36% of the total human resources devoted to these activities (30,206 FTE) in the business sector.”

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