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The confusion was set in the English crown.  No one can see Prince Philip's will... and some doubt why... - Celebrities

The confusion was set in the English crown. No one can see Prince Philip’s will… and some doubt why… – Celebrities

Even after leaving for “another life”, Prince Philip did not rest. The controversy was installed in the British crown due to the will of the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, which was sealed and accessible only to members of the family.

At the will of the king’s husband, who died at the age of 99, in April of this year, his will had to be kept secret for 90 years. In other words, no one will order to consult with him, including the media. This was a will written by its author.

This means that upon reading it, the press was not allowed to attend, let alone reveal the content of what was found there, which is a violation of the law. Under British law, whenever someone dies, a will is automatically announced to prevent fraud. This was not what happened in this case, and since then a legal war has broken out between the press and the royal house.

Who is a thinker?

The big question that arises is: who was considered in the will and why Philip wanted to keep its contents secret. Sources associated with the royal house ensure that, in addition to the family – women, sons and grandchildren, there were also three employees who received a portion of the maqui out of the expected 35 million in the will. But the possibility of a secret heir was not ruled out. After all, Philip’s extramarital adventures were well known and the theory immediately gained followers.

Elizabeth II and Philip of Edinburgh: 72 years of scandal and betrayal

It will only be known if the prince’s will is broken and the will is published… before the year 2120!

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