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The cool case for SC Braga ::

The cool case for SC Braga ::

* With Xavier Soares

It is a trend less and less new and more and more that tends to repeat: SC Braga is back in the all-decision game and makes a mistake if you think it’s by accident. Being in the Portuguese Cup Final on Sunday will be the eighth (!) Final in Braga in nine years, an impressive record with room to advance, especially if we add to these final eighties in the 2010/11 Final. , In Dublin.

Feast of Cups

When SC Braga eliminated Benfica in 2013 through the penalty spot and reached the League Cup final, Arsenal fans were definitely far from thinking that this would be the first of its kind. Eight finals in the next nine years, which would translate into three titles for the Braga Fleet.

A feat that is all the more important when viewed in light of the recent past. Excluding being in the Super Cup, in the past nine years SC Braga has been in more finals (7) than FC Porto and Sporting (6), and is only one match away from Eagles (8), who is their opponent. It will meet in the final on Sunday.

Writing another page of history, the group led by Carlos Carvalhall will keep the 2020/21 season In the first season he succeeded in making his presence felt in the League Cup Finals and the Portuguese Cup, An achievement that, although unheard of in Portugal, is limited to very few logos.

Minho transformed, leaving the lost dragon

Nevertheless, if in the last nine years the presence at the finals has been consistent in Archbishop City, trophy wins have not been infrequent, but have an intriguing common denominator: All three titles won in the last eight finals were against the same opponent, FC Porto.

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In fact, to remember the last final in which the Warriors lost to the Dragons, it is even necessary to return 2011 When Arsenal and Porto players made history through their brilliance in the Portuguese final, the only 100% in European competitions.

Since then, he has met the same champions three times (twice for the League Cup, 2012/13 e 2019/20, One for Portugal Cup, 2015/16), But unlike the Dublin text, it was so in all of them The red smile is the true protagonist of Minho who left the dragon lost.

Growing pains for all heart pains

The other four finals are not good. Although he managed to make it to the game of all decisions, Braga’s team was unable to take the final step towards the title.

On Season 2014/15In the midst of Jamor, he was close to winning the Portuguese Cup against Sporting, but without being able to pull off a 2×0 advantage, he ended up losing everything in the past 10 minutes and later falling on penalties. The match could have been replayed This eraIn the League Cup final, but without offensive activity, The warriors again surrendered at the lion’s feet.

Speaking of the League Cup, this season 2016/2017 Arsenal makers even played the favorites in the unprecedented final against Moreirense’s surprise, but The pressure again caused the growth pains in the Braga group A singular goal from Cauê made the trophy travel to Moreia de Cónegos.

In Aveiro. Eagles and warriors fought, in 2016Super Cup Candido de Oliveira, but without any other arguments to the contrary, Minho Armada He emerged bent over the most recent disputed defeats, 3 x 0.

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This Sunday is played over a second Round Between two old friends, the eighth Arsenal owner attempted to rewrite history and translate the growth that is now more than a sure surprise.