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The country's pharmaceutical market is concentrated in 64 companies

The country’s pharmaceutical market is concentrated in 64 companies

Of the 224 companies operating in the country’s pharmaceutical sector, only 64 had a combined turnover of R$74.6 billion in 2019, corresponding to 86.8% of the market that year.

They were responsible for 73% of drug packages sold.

Data are from the Statistical Yearbook of the Pharmaceutical Market of the Executive Secretariat of the Chamber of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Market, of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

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In total, in 2019, more than 5.3 billion units were sold in the country, with sales of R$85.9 billion. The average global price charged for each property was R$16.34.

According to the publication, in 2019, the registered companies distributed medicines for sale to 14 units of the union.

The highest concentration of pharmaceutical industries has been verified in the state of São Paulo, which alone accounts for 56.25% of the total number of companies in the sector in the country, owning 76.85% of sales and 64.89% of the amount of packages sold.

Also worth noting is Goiás’ participation in terms of the number of units sold, accounting for 14.61% of the total, second in this regard, and 4.34% of sales.

Other states highlighted are Rio de Janeiro, with 10.14% of the sector’s total sales and 5.69% of the amount of packaging sold in the country, and Paraná, with 3.77% of sales and 5.78% of packaging.

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