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The court releases Ana Lucia Matos and seven other defendants

The court releases Ana Lucia Matos and seven other defendants

Of the 14 defendants in Operation Admiral, eight were released by the court on Friday, including presenter Ana Lucia Matos. Al-Nusra Front knows that the remaining six suspects will remain in detention for the time being.

On Friday, a judge at the Criminal Instructions Court in Porto ordered the release of eight of the fourteen defendants in Operation Admiral, including Ana Lucia Matos. The decision came based on the position of the Public Prosecution, which did not request the pretrial detention of the eight defendants. The remaining six, including Max Cardoso, the presenter’s husband, will be arrested for the time being.

The coercive measures will be announced next Tuesday at 11 am, in a session in which all fourteen defendants must be present.

The last interrogation with one of the defendants, which took place on Friday, reportedly lasted more than four hours.

The fourteen defendants who were arrested last Tuesday were suspected of belonging to an international organization that defrauded the tax authorities and that It will have transferred more than two billion euros through 8,845 companies🇧🇷 The money came from selling computer items and mobile phones through online platforms. In addition to the arrests, 2 million euros in cash, 50 luxury cars, 47 different luxury properties and properties were seized.

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The arrest followed a European investigation by the Northern Directorate of the Judicial Police, which dismantled the criminal organization. In Portugal alone, it is estimated that it caused damage to the state in the amount of 300 million euros.