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The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to 'the democratization of science', says Secretary of State - Observer

The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to ‘the democratization of science’, says Secretary of State – Observer

The deputy foreign and health minister defended this Wednesday that Covid-19 has contributed to “democratization of science‘, allowing residents to learn about the scientific expressions associated with the epidemic.

“Covid-19 has brought science to the fore, put it at the center of all attention and helped democratize science, while at the same time placing all hope of humanity in it,” Antonio Lacerda Sales said at the 2021 Science Meeting. By the Foundation for Science and Technology, in collaboration with Ciência Viva and the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science, Youth and Sports.

According to the Secretary of State, “never has it happened like in the past sixteen months” so much scientific data was circulated almost in real time, the scientific process was very accessible and transparent and scientists were able toLots of seriousness, diligence and activity“.

“I am sure that a significant portion of the population familiar with expressions such as RT-PCR, rapid antigen and serum tests, gene sequencing, the respective variants and RNA vaccines, expressions that were in the not too distant past, are limited to the scientific community,” Lacerda Sales said.

According to him, the progress of research applied to health has also, in recent decades, allowed Portugal to record a decrease in the mortality rate. Over 50% and 13% reduction in length of stay. “Despite the incalculable progress that has been made, it is still necessary to improve the interrelationship between science and health,” the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Health considered.