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The Criciúma Center for Innovation is hosting the state conference on science, technology and innovation

The event is being held in a virtual and synchronized manner in six regional regions of Santa Catarina

The Innovation Center of Crici معma together with the Innovation Center in Tubarão will, next Tuesday, the 13th, welcome the regional stage of the VI State Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation (CECTI). The event, which has been divided into six regional offices in the state, had its final version in 2015 and aims to strengthen the innovation ecosystem, this time in a virtual and synchronized manner.

Guided by a moderator, groups will receive questions focusing on technology, innovation and science. After discussing them, they will have the task of answering questions in order to assist in planning the innovation system in the country. “We will work with six working groups in which 10 people in each group will participate, and they are representatives of the market and members of government, academia and organized civil society,” explains the event rapporteur, Patricia Darrault.

The data to be studied and evaluated relate to institutionalization, innovation, infrastructure, science, regional development, technology, market, innovation, education, science and technology, and science. The meeting will also take place in the greater Florianópolis region, Serrana, Norte and Planalto Norte, Oeste and Mio Oeste, Vale and Alto Vale de Itagay.

The data will be returned in May by the State Secretariat for Sustainable Economic Development and the Santa Catarina State Research and Innovation Support Foundation (Fapesc), event organizers. Those interested in contributing to building technological and innovative thinking in the country can contact [email protected] with the topic: Participation in a working group or by phone (48) 99955-7330.

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