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The Danish Royal Family: - That's why they share these photos

The Danish Royal Family: – That’s why they share these photos

Earlier this month, the Danish royal family got a lot of attention when one of them came out A series of shocking discoveries from one of the most famous boarding schools in DenmarkHerlovsholm.

employment He talks a lot about schoolWhere former students Witnessed incidents of violence, sexual assault and bullyingThe Danish heir to the throne goes to Prince Christian (16).

“As parents of a child going to Herlovsholm, we are deeply shocked by the testimonies that appear in the current documentary about the school. “It is saddening to hear about the systemic bullying and the culture of abuse and violence that so many have been a part of,” Prince Christian’s parents, Crown Prince Frederick, 53, and Crown Princess Mary, 50, wrote in a statement last week.


Now, however, it may seem like the royal family is trying to move on after the scandal. In recent days, they have been sharing photos from various assignments on social media. The crown prince visited San Francisco, among other places, while the crown prince visited the University of Copenhagen.

While many may be wondering how the royal family apparently managed to put the scandal behind them, social media expert Troels Johansen thinks he may be sitting on the answer.

You obviously want to move on right away. You can do this by going back and showing that many other things are happening in the royal house. It is the right thing to do, he says to the Danes BT.

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He further explains that in crises, one often wants the condition to go away as quickly as possible and thus return to normal.

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– That’s what has been thought here, he adds, adding that it is wise not to “trample on power anymore”.


When the Crown Prince and the Crown Prince spoke about the case last week, they described what was revealed as completely unacceptable.

They continued, “As parents, we expect the school to effectively ensure a culture in which everyone is safe and a part of the community, and we will pursue changes that are clearly necessary next time.”

According to the plan, Princess Isabella (15 years old) will also start in Herlovsholm this fall. Prince Christian’s cousin, Prince Nikolai (22 years old), also attended school.

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At the end of this week it became known that The principal of the school, Michael Kjellberg, has been fired.

“The board has decided to terminate the collaboration with Rector Mikkel Kjellberg,” said a press release from Danish TV 2.