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The daughter of Paula Lobo Antunes and Jorge Corolla follows in her parents' footsteps

The daughter of Paula Lobo Antunes and Jorge Corolla follows in her parents’ footsteps

Paula Lobo Antunes And the Jorge Corolla They are part of the cast is yours, the new TV series SIC that premiered last Monday, March 7. In a recent interview with TV guideThe actress revealed that she will leave her eldest daughter, BeatriceWatch the series for the first time and explain why.

“I watched the promotion and before I said anything, she said she would. I never quit it, because I always did heavy things, but now, because it’s a light thing, I’m going to let it go. It’s bigger, you see. Plus, discover acting”The magazine quoted the site the television.

Paula Lobo Antunes explained that her nine-year-old daughter has set up a theater workshop during the pandemic. “I’ve already said that if she keeps doing this, it’s Rita Selima’s fault, for being a good teacher. The dramatic beast is in there. I don’t know if my daughter is good, but she is having fun, and at nine we all want it.”He said.

Paula Lobo Antunes shares a photo of “First Kiss” with Jorge Corolla

For 15 years, Paula Lobo Antunes and Jorge Corrula joined the same television project. The last time they worked together was on the series. against souls2017, where they gave life to a married couple.

Remember that in addition to Beatrice, the actors are also parents honeyfor two years.

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