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The day Ferguson "destroyed" Ronaldo: "It's easy hat-tricks for Bolton and Blackburn.  And in the big games?  - Man. United

The day Ferguson “destroyed” Ronaldo: “It’s easy hat-tricks for Bolton and Blackburn. And in the big games? – Man. United

Patrice Evra recalled the “dryer” used by the Portuguese coach in the early years

Patrice Evra capitalized on Cristiano Ronaldo’s 700 goals for clubs – a number he reached at the weekend, against Everton – to fill the Portuguese with praise once again and also to recall another episode he saw up close when he was a CR7 teammate at Manchester United. . “Cristiano Ronaldo is a foreigner. I don’t call him GOAT (“the best of all”), because he’s not from this planet. He’s crazy. What I love about him is his discipline. I had him in my head every day. It’s unbelievable. There are people who haven’t reached 700 A match. He’s reached 700 goals. I can repeat this over and over again and it’s still hard to believe. But Cristiano Ronaldo. I think it’s the discipline that drove him to beat himself a lot. Almost like a disease. I think he has a need to beat himself, whatever happens, whatever they say I worry when he leaves, because I don’t know where he’s going to get his adrenaline to keep pushing himself…Be hard on him.People don’t realize the sacrifices he has to make every day.Diet, sleep, not being able to go out and have a few drinks with friends. For that to be the case, it must be something present in your DNA,” the French wrote. “We have this controversy and some people are unfair. I would say they are envious of his criticism. But he went to Madrid and conquered Spain; he went to Juventus and conquered Italy; he returned to the Premier League in 36. When he disrespected Cristiano, either because you are jealous or because you admire Messi. I get it, it’s not a problem. But it’s surreal. It’s foreign,” he noted.

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Evra made use of his text to remember the day the Portuguese were a victim of Sir Alex Ferguson’s famous ‘dryer’. “I remember one day he ruined him. I think we played against Chelsea and he didn’t play well. Ferguson told him ‘It’s easy to score a hat-trick against Bolton and Blackburn, but what about the big games?'” “It was a tough moment. But all of a sudden and then I remember Cristiano started to score in the big games, he became a different player. And Ferguson went even further and told him he was not a winger, that he was a striker with the ability to score two or three games in every game and stop worrying About dribbling and dribbling. I told him, “Forget it, you have to score goals. In that time Ronaldo scored 42 goals,” he recalls.

“People say I love Cristiano for being his friend, but no… I love his work ethic. That’s what I love the most.”

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