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The day Sergio Conceição forgot Gonzalo Paciencia: “Where have you been?  I didn't see you…” – FC Porto

The day Sergio Conceição forgot Gonzalo Paciencia: “Where have you been? I didn't see you…” – FC Porto

Gonçalo Paciencia, now linked to German club Bochum, became the guest of the week this Wednesday on the program “Futebol Total”, on Canal 11, where he talked about his career and also participated in some interesting episodes. One of them has a cartoonish quality and relates to the striker's time with Porto's main team, at that time under the orders of Sergio Conceicao. It all happened in the 2017/18 season, when against Portimonense the coach preferred to use Madjid Waris instead of the Portuguese striker, who was 24 years old at the time, just days before a classic match with Sporting. “I remember, because there's a funny story. The week before we played Portimonense, I think it was the third game I played at Porto. Tequinho was injured and there was no striker on the bench. And Sergio [Conceição] He looks to the bench and puts on Waris, who had arrived at the time in January. And me: 'Damn! So tell me I'm training well and wearing Waris…'. Suddenly I looked… The game was over, I was severely burned, and getting to the circle was really complicated. Once the game is over, I go to the locker room and from the locker room to the bus. On the bus, Mr. Vitor Bruno comes and says “Come and talk to Sergio, he wants to talk to you.” I said “I don’t want that and all that” and he said “Come on…” Sergio hugged me and asked: Where have you been? I did not see you'. I replied: On the bench next door. “You're training well, sorry, I wanted to put you in your place,” he said. I did not see you. Next week you will be playing in the game. It is true that I played against Sporting, it went well and it was one of the most important matches. I think we won and our score rose to 6 points,” said the striker, who in that match assisted Yassine Brahimi’s goal in Porto’s 2-1 win.

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